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Today I honor the one and only Apostle John Eckhardt

Today I honor the one and only
Apostle John Eckhardt
& say 🎂Happy Birthday🎂‼️
I can count on 1 hand those who’ve been steady, stable and significant in my 20 years of walking with this Prophetic/Apostolic mantle.
He is one.
Apostle John, thanks for always receiving me, never rejecting and always being a source of strength when needed most.
You’re a giant in the Faith and an authentic Apostolic father and mentor.
Much love!!
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The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020
The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE
When you have your Apostle's or "Prophetic Parent's" DNA, there's no choice about your proclivities.
You are who you are, and what you are... and there's no choice.
Though you are your own individual some things, some thoughts, some actions resemble that #Apostle or #Prophetic Parent.
In the spirit there's a KNOWING.
In the spirit there's something missing and something broken when you're not connected properly.
In the spirit just like they can spiritually see into you, you can spiritually see into them.
When they show up - answers appear
When they show up - solutions come forth
When they speak - PEACE settles you.
When they teach - IDEAS overflow in you.
When they preach - MOTIVATION moves you.
When you SEE them you are encouraged and uplifted.
When you SEE THEM you know their presence makes a difference but you know their COVERING supersedes presence.
They see in you and through you and you see their VISION faster, quicker...
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As a reminder of who I am and whom God has called and assigned me to be I post this APOSTOLIC MONOLOGUE within my PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP INNER-CIRLE about once a quarter or at least every 6 months.
💯I deal with a lot of wounded Prophets and those who’ve been delivered from traumatic situations many times including “people of faith”!‼️
💯Thus, I find it helps those I’m assigned to serve, remember the authenticity of who I am and why God sent me or them to each other.
🎯🎯Recently, after my latest “repost” and a few conversations I was encouraged to post this publicly to help give a better voice and language to identifying characteristics of 21st Century Apostolic Ones and the insight and interactions that may seem to be usual but hard to verbalize.🎯🎯
#DearApostle – Be you and don’t apologize for who you are NOR accept the false burden that many try to place upon simply because of the insecurities and...
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The Truth About Why There’s A BREACH between You and Your #Apostle, #Mentor, #Pastor, #Bishop or #Spiritual Parent

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020
All successful relationships include reciprocity and clearly vocalized EXPECTATIONS on both sides.
Unfortunately due to the perceived hierarchy of one versus the other in many “so-called” kingdom relationships, these tend to fall short, simply because of false and unspoken expectations on both sides.
Many times we forget that we all bring a FAMILY AND SPIRITUAL CULTURE to our relationship dynamic that may not be the same.
If you are not familiar with my spiritual, family or business relationship culture then what I love, may actually offend you and what you like may actually butt heads with my “integrity-meter”
Just think about it: A leader starts calling you DAUGHTER or SON, but in your mind, they have never really birthed you or even cared enough to communicate with you.
Yet, because they “border-line” manipulated the relationship in public by calling you DAUGHTER or SON without ever explaining their definition of that, you...
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