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Unveiling the Spectacular 2023 Black Friday Specials at GICMP!


Dear Valued Members and Future Prophetic Leaders,

As the season of gratitude and joy approaches, the Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets (GICMP) is thrilled to announce our exclusive Black Friday specials for 2023! We are dedicated to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in both the spiritual and marketplace realms, and this Black Friday, we've crafted exceptional offers to help you embark on a transformative journey.

### Special Offer: Audit the College of Prophets or College of Apostleship for just $500!

At the heart of our Black Friday extravaganza is the unique opportunity to audit our esteemed College of Prophets or College of Apostleship for an incredibly SPECIAL rate of $500. This is your chance to delve into the profound teachings and insights shared by seasoned prophetic leaders, gaining valuable knowledge that can elevate your understanding of your spiritual calling and its application in the marketplace and the church.

Why Should...

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It's Apostle Dwann's Birthday

On this day I thank God for  my 52nd year! I can honestly say I don't look like what I've gone through!

I'm so thankful for a caring and compassionate group of COVENANT family I do life with who made sure that I am appreciated and loved.

It started in New Orleans while at Prophet Frank Delaney's PROPHETIC BOOTCAMP. I was honored to teach  (3) nights during the PROPHETIC INTENSIVE webinar.

On the last night (2) days prior to my birthday - the team there led by Executive Pastor of The Well and GICMP Prophet Dion Brown, showered me in song, gifts and some good food!

Then the day before my birthday, my GICMP family led by Overseer Katabia Henry hosted a virtual birthday party!! 



AND TODAY on my BIRTHDAY, I've received Birthday Greetings from all over the world starting with those LEAD ... and was even treated to home-made fabulous meal from Pastoral Aide's Tonja McKuhn ...It was so delicious

Then a nice dinner with some of my #GPLJAX family here in...

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Back in June, I heard God say He is releasing HIDDEN FIGURES.

Though I heard it, I didn't get a RELEASE to release it until NOW.

If you've been serving GOD, your family and your community yet you've been a bit confused regarding your next I want you to take your time and listen well.

BE ENCOURAGED and know ...GOD IS not just releasing HIDDEN FIGURES, he's releasing WELLS, too!

Apostle Dwann


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Sad news to report: Kofi Hemmingway has graduated to THE GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES

Prophet Kofi Hemmingway was a Prophet of Prophets.
A Jokester of Jokesters who could make me cry laughing at the most inopportune times‼️😭😳😆‼️
A SON I love‼️
A repairer of the breach.
A  believer in reconciliation and forgiveness.
A lover of ALL GOD’s people.
Our 💚Hearts 💛are heavy, nevertheless we yield to God’s sovereignty: It is WELL.
Please join me in keeping Prophet Kofi’s wife Akiesha, daughters Majesty & Lourdess, Mother Beulah, Brother Chaka and all those who loved him in prayer.
He touched the world, one profound prayer, prophecy, word and conversation at a time…
📗Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Prophet Kofi Hemmingway was a worshipper and a PRAISER‼️
Sooo yes, we are going to CELEBRATE HIS LIFE with praise‼️
Join Akiesha Hemmingway, Majesty & Lourdess, The Hemmingways and all those who loved him April 1, 2023...
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April 23, 2022 -- Prophetic Word: Yes, God WILL Fight Your Battles!

Yes, God will fight your battles, but like the raffle at the local fair, we must be present to win!

When we hear God's call to go to the battlefield, we must go. And, when we go, we should be encouraged, knowing we will find Him waiting for us when we arrive.
If we need more encouragement, we should simply remind ourselves that God has never lost a battle, and with Him on our side, nor shall we.
Be encouraged today and know God is with you!

WYMAN WINBUSH has over 30 years of speaking and training experience and is a Certified Life Coach. He empowers individuals to reach their divine potential through customized lectures, workshops, seminars, coaching, and consulting services. He has leveraged his 30 years of military experience, volunteer service, corporate savvy, and spiritual insights to enable and inspire thousands of people to make the most of their natural abilities. He challenges us all to “THINK BIG” and enjoy the journey on our road to success....

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Join me and the prophetic and apostolic voices of GICMP for Prophetic Convocation 2021. After a year of NOT meeting in person due to the pandemic this year's convocation promises to be ONE LIKE NO OTHER.

Pre-Registration is $75

Virtual Pass is $75.00

It’s limited seating and first come first served.

Registration also guarantees you a seat in evening as well.

Here’s the list of & confirmed speakers, trainers , participants.


APOSTLE URSULA WRIGHT (MIAMI) (FRIDAY NIGHT Keynote, Trainer/Panelist & Worship)


PROPHET DION EVANS (Preacher, Panelist & Psalmist)

PROPHET KATABIA HENRY (Preacher & Panelist)

PROPHET ADIA AMOS. (Panelist & Psalmist)

PROPHET SHANI BROWN (Prophetic & Leadership Panelist)




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