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It's Apostle Dwann's Birthday

On this day I thank God for  my 52nd year! I can honestly say I don't look like what I've gone through!

I'm so thankful for a caring and compassionate group of COVENANT family I do life with who made sure that I am appreciated and loved.

It started in New Orleans while at Prophet Frank Delaney's PROPHETIC BOOTCAMP. I was honored to teach  (3) nights during the PROPHETIC INTENSIVE webinar.

On the last night (2) days prior to my birthday - the team there led by Executive Pastor of The Well and GICMP Prophet Dion Brown, showered me in song, gifts and some good food!

Then the day before my birthday, my GICMP family led by Overseer Katabia Henry hosted a virtual birthday party!! 



AND TODAY on my BIRTHDAY, I've received Birthday Greetings from all over the world starting with those LEAD ... and was even treated to home-made fabulous meal from Pastoral Aide's Tonja McKuhn ...It was so delicious

Then a nice dinner with some of my #GPLJAX family here in...

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