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President's Lifetime Achievement Award & Honorary Doctor of Christian Entrepreneurship

Thank you Dr. Varian D Harris and Initiators Christian University for your superb hospitality & Spirit of Excellence ‼️
I am forever grateful for your display of  love RECOGNITION and HONOR towards me and my work for the Kingdom and community.
I Came to release a 🎓COMMENCEMENT 🎓speech left with an 👉💡AmeriCorps 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award👈💡 & an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Entrepreneurship From ICU and my favorite preserved roses. 🌹
🎉Congrats on the launch of your accredited Christian University. 🎉
“Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.”
Psalm 68:19
Chief Apostle Dwann Holmes
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A Decade of Transformation in Tallahassee with HD CHURCH

Thanks for your prayers as I traveled this weekend.

I was Excited to have been in Tallahassee, Florida with HD CHURCH & Apostles Carlos & Nicky Collins this weekend. 

Saturday’s Gala was superb!  

Always great to have Apostle Katabia Henry in the building and on hand. Thanks for serving Saturday night! ‼️🥰😀‼️

I was honored to participate in the elevation of Apostles Carlos L Collins & Nicky E Collins



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Virtual Night of Prophecy is January 15th

If you missed Prophetic Prayer Summit and haven't received your PROPHETIC WORD for the new year, I encourage you to meet me and Prophet Dion for a night of Prophecy.

This is specifically for those who were planning on coming but didn't and never signed up for the first round the weekend of Prophetic Prayer Summit. 

Here's the link to sign up!

Apostle Dwann 

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If you’re in Jacksonville meet us Sunday night at 10pm‼️‼️ 
Need a prophetic word for your new year?
Join #gpljax as we bring in the new year at GREATER WORKS with GICMP Apostles John Ernestine Lawson


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When I woke up this morning, pondering my day, I heard in my spirit: CONSISTENCY COUNTS!
Listen, I don’t care what is happening in your life or what looks like ISN’T happening, know this: CONSISTENCY WILL PAY OFF because CONSISTENCY COUNTS.
As LEADERS, sometimes we are ahead of time and other times out of time.
However, the beauty is when you keep the foundation of vision in front of you and agree to be consistent, BEING consistent will eventually net results and prove to be  one of your best assets.
Best habits are built with consistency.
Achieving long-term goals requires consistency.
Credibility grows with consistency.
Trust is formed through consistency.
And yes, many times the WAR that you may be fighting spiritually and mentally will be won by showing up consistently.
Sometimes what you’ve been praying for doesn't require another prayer Or prophecy, just CONSISTENCY!
Repeat after me: Consistency Counts
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If you're an EMERGING prophetic voice who needs help sorting it all out or you might have TONS of questions that need to be answered, this SUMMER SESSION COURSE is just for you.
Join me and Apostle Shontill McNabb every Thursday in July for PROPHETS ARISE!!
When you enroll you'll get (4) ON-DEMAND courses (4) LIVE sessions and UNLIMITED email support as well.
Apostle Dwann
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Join us for a time of prophetic prayer, worship and personal prophecy and WORD.

First Sundays - Clay County at THRASHER HORNE 283 COLLEGE DRIVE - Orange Park FL. 

Children's church is provided!

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Prophetic Word: Get Ahead of the STORM!

Prophetic Convocation 2022 - Pursuing Prophetic Legacy
The Lord is saying Get ahead of the Storm!!!
Many of you have been deterred, detoured & distracted by the Storms of life but God says every Storm has a purpose. This is a time that you can no longer be moved by the clouds, wind or rain because I have anointed you to get ahead of the Storm! I have given you power, permission and authority to speak to Storms Naturally & Spiritually to cause them to Cease and even when they come for a purpose you are anointed to Get Ahead of them in Pursuit of my will for your life! You are a Storm breaker and a atmosphere Shifter. God says what you have been taken through in times past is now what you will take on. Open up your Mouth, Gird up your loins and Get Ahead of the Storm!!!!
“And it came to pass in the mean while, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode, and went to Jezreel. And the hand of the LORD...
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