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If you're an EMERGING prophetic voice who needs help sorting it all out or you might have TONS of questions that need to be answered, this SUMMER SESSION COURSE is just for you.
Join me and Apostle Shontill McNabb every Thursday in July for PROPHETS ARISE!!
When you enroll you'll get (4) ON-DEMAND courses (4) LIVE sessions and UNLIMITED email support as well.
Apostle Dwann
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37 Prophetic Teachings for $47 is back!

Don't miss our SUMMER PROPHETIC EDUCATION SPECIAL, 37 PROPHETIC TRAININGS for just $47, available now via our student portal. 


Here's the list of what our founder Apostle Dwann Holmes has put together just for you prophetic learners.


37 Prophetic Trainings for just $47 ($1900 VALUE) 

Here's what you get IMMEDIATELY!!
  1. Overcoming Rejection Pt 1
  2. Overcoming Rejection Pt 2
  3. Overcoming Rejection Pt 3
  4. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 1
  5. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 2
  6. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 3
  7. Prophetic Analogy: Discerning The Prophetic Vs The Occult (Witchcraft)
  8. Prophetic Analogy : Discerning
  9. Prophetic Analogy: Interpreting Portals
  10. Understanding The Apostle
  11. Understanding The Prophet
  12. Understanding The Evangelist
  13. Understanding The Teacher
  14. Understanding The Pastor
  15. Prophetic Homiletics: Hermeneutics 101
  16. Prophetic Homiletics:Homiletics 101
  17. Prophetic Homiletics:Sermon Preparation 1 & 2
  18. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic Symbolism 1 & 2
  19. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic...
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90-Day Prophetic Mentorship Mastermind for Apostolic Prophets

This summer, I'm personally hosting a 90-Day Prophetic Mentorship Mastermind for Chief Prophets/ Apostolic Prophets/ Marketplace Prophets.


I want to work with 12 SENIOR/GOVERNING PROPHETS who are ready for a true shift.


What if I offer? 

(3) 30-minute Apostolic Guidance (1 on 1 ) sessions (1) per month for the next 3 months ( June - August)

(3) 90-minute Group Mentorship Sessions for next 3 months ( June - August)

(12) Weeks of GROUP PRAYER



How to Build Out Your Company of Prophets

How To Create Proper Prophetic Protocol (for your local church or GLOBAL ORGANIZATION)

How To Implement Prophetic Ministry Within Church

Prophetic Leadership in a PERVERTED WORLD.


Plus, I’ll provide an AUTHENTIC assessment of your prophetic mentorship/coaching program.




If your answer is yes and you're one of the (12) APOSTOLIC PROPHETS who are ready for (3)...

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Mentorship for Emerging Prophetic Voices

Are you tired of looking for a MENTOR in your area, who's willing to POUR into you LIVE?
Or, maybe you realize you need prophetic mentorship but NOT QUITE ready for COLLEGE OF PROPHETS ...
If you're nodding your head or saying YES TO ANY OF THIS ...I want you to check this out and join our new EMERGE PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP for EMERGING PROPHETS OF ALL GENERATIONS!
You ready to find out more? Let's go!
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Help, I LOVE my pastor but he/she is NOT PROPHETIC!

This is something I hear a lot.
The b portion of a young lady's statement via CLUBHOUSE  was I love my pastor and he pastors me well, but he's not prophetic and it's really not a prophetic church, so I'm thinking about leaving.
Then myself and another one my mentees Prophet Dion Brown began to share our experiences and give some true insight from a PROPHETIC POINT OF VIEW. 
Prophet Dion was adamant : Don't leave your church. You need someone that can pastor you well. Just find yourself a prophetic mentor and recognize your Pastor is probably not your prophetic mentor and that doesn't have to be a problem. IT'S hard to find the right pastor and one that pastors you well, so if you have found one, don't be so quick to leave. 
Then, I gave my insight:  Listen, every Pastor in America or the world, is not Prophetic. Even if  they are known as  THE PROPHET of their "house" ie church, doesn't mean that they...
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