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Help, I LOVE my pastor but he/she is NOT PROPHETIC!

This is something I hear a lot.
The b portion of a young lady's statement via CLUBHOUSE  was I love my pastor and he pastors me well, but he's not prophetic and it's really not a prophetic church, so I'm thinking about leaving.
Then myself and another one my mentees Prophet Dion Brown began to share our experiences and give some true insight from a PROPHETIC POINT OF VIEW. 
Prophet Dion was adamant : Don't leave your church. You need someone that can pastor you well. Just find yourself a prophetic mentor and recognize your Pastor is probably not your prophetic mentor and that doesn't have to be a problem. IT'S hard to find the right pastor and one that pastors you well, so if you have found one, don't be so quick to leave. 
Then, I gave my insight:  Listen, every Pastor in America or the world, is not Prophetic. Even if  they are known as  THE PROPHET of their "house" ie church, doesn't mean that they truly understand every aspect of prophetic ministry and how to mentor those who are really called to be an AGENT of the KINGDOM as a Prophet, Nor does it mean that they truly even understand the gift of prophecy verses the spirit of prophecy versus the SPIRIT OF THE PROPHET ETC... or all the levels that God sends His prophets-in-training through.
We have to stop putting so much pressure on Pastors who may know absolutely nothing about the prophetic to be our PROPHETIC MENTOR as well, when they may not have the CAPACITY to  mentor you in that way!!
ONLY in the church do we want people to mentor us in areas they are not specialists in.
In Healthcare you I don't see DENTISTS going to HEART SPECIALISTS asking them to mentor them? Better yet, when you go to your PRIMARY DOCTOR who knows all about your body and history, when something takes place that they KNOW they're not qualified for, what do they do? They send you to a specialist. And guess what, they don't worry about you NOT coming back.
They know you're coming back because they are your PRIMARY DOCTOR!!!
Now remember one of the questions I get all the time is : DO I NEED TO BE A PART OF A PROPHETIC CHURCH IF I'M A PROPHET!!! ??? I've been answering this question for years!! lol  Here's a link to an old video I did on this.
But today, I want to share some NEW REVELATION  regarding the same issue.
Every Pastor is not an APOSTLE. But again, this doesn't mean go leave your church. This means, you have to truly know your assignment to your Pastor and to your Church. You have to know more than anyone else, why God sent you to that church. As prophets, God sends you on ASSIGNMENTS because of what's inside of you and what's ahead of you.
God TRAINS prophets on ASSIGNMENTS. 
God SENDS prophets on ASSIGNMENTS to different kinds of churches.
God EQIPS prophets for unique ASSIGNMENTS outside of their local church. 
Lastly, for those who are adamant about NOT investing financially in prophetic mentorship but they're willing to trade their ASSIGNED PASTOR in for the hopes of finding a  "prophetic church"  realizing they really need mentorship, please realize you probably have some foundational and theological issues.
Or you probably really need to take some time to really get to know who you are, where you really are according to God's timeline, WHERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE again according to GOD'S TIMELINE and HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THERE!?
Allow me to help you with these questions you can personally reflect on:
1. Ask yourself why you aren't willing to STAY where you are for now and just budget in monthly prophetic mentorship with an authentic prophetic mentor and specialist? 
2. Ask yourself why you're so willing to LEAVE a place where you know you're assigned?
3. Could it be, you believe getting to a prophetic church, will now set you up for FREE MENTORING because again, you don't believe "prophetic mentorship" qualifies as something you're willing to put your $$$ into.
4. Could it be that what you really want is a church that incorporates all of GOD'S 5-fold ministers (Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers & Evangelists)  and not just 3?
5. Could it be you need to have a deeper conversation with your Pastor but you're afraid to do so?
6. Could it be you believe "prophetic mentorship" should be apart of your local church and more like "bible study" 
7. Could it be you need more discipleship.?
8. Could it be you have a GLOBAL CALLING but you're afraid it won't manifest in your LOCAL body?
Apostle Dwann
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