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July 28, 2022 - Prophetic Word - Count Up The Cost

Today I heard the Spirit of the Lord say : Count Up The Cost

During this  season of UPGRADE don't forget to seriously COUNT UP THE COST and know what God is requiring of you.

Examine your God-given MANDATE like never before and examine the details of what it will take to move forth with results.

God isn't watching and waiting on you. He's requiring more of you in this season including making sure that you do due diligence with all that He's assigned you to do.


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July 9, 2022 - Prophetic Word: Own Who You Are!

When you disown who you are, you DISCREDIT God’s voice in you.
When you’re afraid to be ALL that God has called and assigned you to be, you will most likely shut-down HIS authentic voice in you, simply because you’re afraid to HEAR and OBEY what He’s really saying.
It’s easy to fall in line with the status quo.
It’s easy to be like everyone else.
It’s easy to say the same things that everyone else is saying.
But when GOD is truly calling you to OWN WHO YOU ARE in HIM, He will indeed speak and challenge you to do what’s never been done.
Now is not the time to RUN or take a break.
IT’s time to EXPAND YOUR MIND as GOD is EXPANDING your territory.
I’s time to BELIEVE that the same GOD who’s sent you to specific place, also is releasing SPECIFIC GRACE for you NEW NOW and NEW NORM.
Apostle Dwann Holmes 
Founder - GICMP
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