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πŸ”₯On owning WHO you ARE!!πŸ”₯ #LongPostAlert
No matter who you are, sometimes people will try to get you to DISOWN who God calls you and anointed you to be, due to their insecurities.
They will try to label you according to their experiences and lack of understanding instead of getting to know who you really are.
If God placed HIS GRACE for “something specific” within your MANTLE, there’s no need to apologize or to try to discount or deny who you are.
He created you for a reason, a season and a purpose.
βœ…Yes, you can be a PROPHET who PROFITS!
βœ…Yes you can be a MINISTER who MONETIZES.
βœ…Just like you can be a LAWYER who LOVES GOD.
My point is, you have to KNOW who GOD calls you.
The same people getting mad at you and scandalizing your name as a PROPHET who PROFITS, are the same folks who applaud BISHOP TD JAKES, who is clearly a MINISTER of the GOSPEL who has also learned how to MONETIZE well.
This isn’t about “charging for...
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Sometimes you make it way more hard than it needs to be.
🎯Everyone isn’t called to push and protect your mantle.
🎯Everyone can’t see the depth of who God’s called you to be.
🎯Nor does everyone have the grace to.
Get used to that ‼️
But don’t allow that to hinder your willingness to truly position yourself with the right mentor or Apostle who’s assigned to your destiny.
βœ…Authentic Apostles assigned to prophets see past your proclivities.
βœ…They see your future many times before you can comprehend it.
βœ…They see your destiny before You’ve received the clarity.
Yet their prophetic words bring a confirmation that you can’t deny even if you don’t have the words to verbalize what God is showing you about yourself.
Peace, productivity and progress come when Prophets are positioned in the right DIVINE PARTNERSHIPS.
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As a reminder of who I am and whom God has called and assigned me to be I post this APOSTOLIC MONOLOGUE within my PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP INNER-CIRLE about once a quarter or at least every 6 months.
πŸ’―I deal with a lot of wounded Prophets and those who’ve been delivered from traumatic situations many times including “people of faith”!‼️
πŸ’―Thus, I find it helps those I’m assigned to serve, remember the authenticity of who I am and why God sent me or them to each other.
🎯🎯Recently, after my latest “repost” and a few conversations I was encouraged to post this publicly to help give a better voice and language to identifying characteristics of 21st Century Apostolic Ones and the insight and interactions that may seem to be usual but hard to verbalize.🎯🎯
#DearApostle – Be you and don’t apologize for who you are NOR accept the false burden that many try to place upon simply because of the insecurities and...
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