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As a reminder of who I am and whom God has called and assigned me to be I post this APOSTOLIC MONOLOGUE within my PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP INNER-CIRLE about once a quarter or at least every 6 months.
💯I deal with a lot of wounded Prophets and those who’ve been delivered from traumatic situations many times including “people of faith”!‼️
💯Thus, I find it helps those I’m assigned to serve, remember the authenticity of who I am and why God sent me or them to each other.
🎯🎯Recently, after my latest “repost” and a few conversations I was encouraged to post this publicly to help give a better voice and language to identifying characteristics of 21st Century Apostolic Ones and the insight and interactions that may seem to be usual but hard to verbalize.🎯🎯
#DearApostle – Be you and don’t apologize for who you are NOR accept the false burden that many try to place upon simply because of the insecurities and unhealed emotional places on the inside of them.‼️
#DearProphet – Be you and KNOW not everyone is against you. Truly be open to the Apostle God has sent you to walk and work side by side! Get healed from past rejection and know Your VOICE is needed in this hour!
To all apostolic and prophetic 5-fold ministers know that indeed 2018 is a season of COLLABORATION, COOPERATION and CAPITULATION!
How can you go if you won’t be SENT!
How can you collaborate if you’re not willing to cooperate and capitulate!‼️
I'm a lot of things but I'm not a liar, nor a manipulator nor a user nor an abuser.
I'm a prophet.
I'm an apostle.
I'm a dreamer.
I'm a discerner.
I'm an apostolic agitator whose presence OFFENDS most at the kairos time I'm supposed to offend.
I love hard.
I challenge hard.
I tell the hard truth.
I expect respect.
I expect reciprocity.
I expect loyalty.
I expect you to WIN
I expect you to THRIVE.
I expect YOU to be offended, angry, ticked off and ready to run and throw in the towel.
I expect you to be ready to give every excuse you can to not do what you are assigned to do.
I expect to have to remind you of your assignment to God when you don't want to be reminded.
I expect you to love me.
I expect you to find reasons to hate me.
I expect you to think the worse even when you KNOW the truth.
I expect to cover you.
I expect to protect you.
I expect to see you break cycles.
I expect to see you walk in destiny.
I expect to see you SUCCEED.
At the moment you expect that I'm not genuine about my concern for you as more than a prophet, but as a person I care deeply about as one of my own, Is the moment I will ask God to release me from serving you the way you don't want to be helped, served or loved.
I'm not Your enemy or your friendemy.
Many say blood is thicker than WATER. I say SPIRIT is thicker than both.
I've learned many lessons as God's servant, pastor, prophet and apostle.
Biggest being:
1. You can NEVER want more for someone than they want for them self.
2. You can NEVER pour into a student what rightfully belongs to a daughter/son
3. If a spiritual SON OR DAUGHTER is used to abusive relationships and doing things on his/her own in the natural, he/she may never truly embrace loving you as unconditionally as he/she should and no matter how much you've proven your loyalty and love HE/SHE MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO RECEIVE YOU at THE LEVEL and IN THE PLACE GOD HAS APOSTOLIC ALLY sent you to STAND IN.
Nevertheless: I obey God in the midst of my hurt and in midst of seeing you hurt.
I obey God in the midst of Him showing me what you don't know He's revealed.
I obey God when DIVINE DAUGHTERS AND SACRED SONS start believing demonic hype about who I'm not, who I am and who I should be.
I obey God above what you say and what you don't say.
I obey God beyond what you do and don't do.
For me:
Obedience matters.
Love matters.
Loyalty matters.
No matter what you think or feel about ME or even what you can't UNDERSTAND ABOUT ME: I remain committed to your success and to you moving forward in stability and a sound mind in this season of REBIRTHING!
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