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🔥On owning WHO you ARE!!🔥 #LongPostAlert
No matter who you are, sometimes people will try to get you to DISOWN who God calls you and anointed you to be, due to their insecurities.
They will try to label you according to their experiences and lack of understanding instead of getting to know who you really are.
If God placed HIS GRACE for “something specific” within your MANTLE, there’s no need to apologize or to try to discount or deny who you are.
He created you for a reason, a season and a purpose.
✅Yes, you can be a PROPHET who PROFITS!
✅Yes you can be a MINISTER who MONETIZES.
✅Just like you can be a LAWYER who LOVES GOD.
My point is, you have to KNOW who GOD calls you.
The same people getting mad at you and scandalizing your name as a PROPHET who PROFITS, are the same folks who applaud BISHOP TD JAKES, who is clearly a MINISTER of the GOSPEL who has also learned how to MONETIZE well.
This isn’t about “charging for prophecy”.
Nor “charging for preaching”
This is about understanding that as people in the body, we’ve got to come up. And as prophetic voices and apostolic voices called to be pioneers you can't let folks foolishness stop you from being GREAT!
🎯We’ve got to stop attacking folks for their ability to do something well.
🎯We’ve got to give people, prophets and ministers permission to walk in EXCELLENCE and BUILD in excellence, without accusing them of having wrong motives.
I remember, years ago when I asked someone to join me for a night of prayer with a few other prophets, as soon as I put out the flyer, all of a sudden “ I was trying to mesmerize people with graphics!”
How asinine.😳
✅I’m an award-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated producer who's always employed a team of graphic designers and creatives.
✅I've been a Director of Marketing for a University, Director of Public Affairs for TV Station and yes, anchor/reporter etc and launched my first media firm back in 1999. And started my first job at TV station 32 years ago.
✅I’ve been helping businesses and non-profits UPGRADE their media for 22+ years and have worked with most of your HOUSE-HOLD names in Christendom for years …
🎯‼️Producing good graphics, videos and media is just what I do!‼️🎯
AND it’s an expectation when you’re connected to me, especially in MINISTRY.
✅There’s no need for you to produce sub-par graphics on your own because you don’t want to invest in graphic designer. Or a flyer for 99 bucks ...smh.
✅There’s no need for me NOT to challenge you to do so.
✅There’s no need for me to make my graphics look sorry, because you have a problem with investing in yourself, your business and your ministry.
No nobody has come for me today or in a while, just thought I’d share this as a point of reference and understanding.
🎯Own who you are.‼️
🎯Be who God calls you to be.‼️
And for the LOVE of God, don’t get caught up with poverty-stricken folks who don’t believe that GOD can bless you to preach, teach and LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS here on earth prior to getting to HEAVEN, legally.
My name is Dwann Holmes and yes, I approve this message. Carry on ...🤩

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