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From The Heart of The Apostle: The Camels Are Here! (PC2022 RECAP Pt 3)


As I was preparing for Prophetic Convocation, there were moments where I really wasn’t quite sure WHO I would invite to minister.

I knew 10 years was significant and I knew something SIGNIFICANT had to happen through out.

I was sure GOD had ORDAINED it this way, whether or NOT I knew, exactly the specific outcome.

Finally, its was time to make a decision regarding Sunday.

Normally I minister …but I kept seeing Prophet Frank Delaney!

I called him and to my surprise he was planning on coming to fellowship.

I knew he and Prophet Dion were great friends. I had seen and experienced his ministry back in April.

Nevertheless it wasn’t until I obeyed GOD and called him that I was SURE he was supposed to minister on Sunday.

And boy did he minister.

I teach a course on Prophetic Homiletics via the GICMP College of Prophets.

Sunday at Prophetic Convocation Prophet Frank was a living example of every module of my course!

From prophetic symbolism to prophetic demonstration to ...

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