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🔥On owning WHO you ARE!!🔥 #LongPostAlert
No matter who you are, sometimes people will try to get you to DISOWN who God calls you and anointed you to be, due to their insecurities.
They will try to label you according to their experiences and lack of understanding instead of getting to know who you really are.
If God placed HIS GRACE for “something specific” within your MANTLE, there’s no need to apologize or to try to discount or deny who you are.
He created you for a reason, a season and a purpose.
✅Yes, you can be a PROPHET who PROFITS!
✅Yes you can be a MINISTER who MONETIZES.
✅Just like you can be a LAWYER who LOVES GOD.
My point is, you have to KNOW who GOD calls you.
The same people getting mad at you and scandalizing your name as a PROPHET who PROFITS, are the same folks who applaud BISHOP TD JAKES, who is clearly a MINISTER of the GOSPEL who has also learned how to MONETIZE well.
This isn’t about “charging for...
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Apostolic Prophetic Partnerships

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2021
On Apostolic Prophetic Partnerships:
Prophetic Apostolic partnerships require spiritual responsibility on both sides.
🎯Prophets must be willing to go to the assigned apostolic voice God is clearly “sending” and calling you to.
🎯Apostles must be willing to receive the assigned prophetic voice(s) God is clearly sending to you.
There must also be a level of flexibility.
🎯Both must be willing to move forward DESPITE the past.
🎯Both must recognize that despite past apostolic abandonment and prophetic perjury, God has partnered the two mantles for such a time as this.
🎯Both must be willing to recognize the power of prophetic/apostolic partnership that comes to prosper, produce and pivot to greatness.
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A Word Regarding "Business" Prophets ...

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2021
A Word Regarding "Business" Prophets ...
✅ Yes, a prophet is a prophet is a prophet.
However, since it appears that there are varying definitions for an authentic prophet, sometimes we do need a general “label’ to help folks understand, that indeed there are DIFFERENT types of PROPHETS with different GRACES.
CLEARLY, according to the Bible there are prophets who operate outside of the church just as well as those inside the church.
But you have to remember, Prophets pre-date the church and are a foundation of the church.
So a prophesier, though he or she can prophesy will never carry the weight of a bona-fide prophet.
There are Prophets who just like Daniel and Joseph have an extraordinary ability to be able to organize, monetize and globalize simply because of who GOD created them to be.
✅Yes, they are prophets.
Yes, I may call them “MARKETPLACE PROPHETS” you may call them ‘GOVERNMENTAL PROPHETS”.
❌No, that...
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Sometimes you make it way more hard than it needs to be.
🎯Everyone isn’t called to push and protect your mantle.
🎯Everyone can’t see the depth of who God’s called you to be.
🎯Nor does everyone have the grace to.
Get used to that ‼️
But don’t allow that to hinder your willingness to truly position yourself with the right mentor or Apostle who’s assigned to your destiny.
✅Authentic Apostles assigned to prophets see past your proclivities.
✅They see your future many times before you can comprehend it.
✅They see your destiny before You’ve received the clarity.
Yet their prophetic words bring a confirmation that you can’t deny even if you don’t have the words to verbalize what God is showing you about yourself.
Peace, productivity and progress come when Prophets are positioned in the right DIVINE PARTNERSHIPS.
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Uncategorized Jun 22, 2021


Sooner or later you will have to make a decision regarding your mantle and destiny. 


Whether you’re a “marketplace” prophet or “church” prophet, your mantle matters! 


Sooner or later you will have to admit and accept your truth: your mantle matters more than you thought or less than you really imagined.


It’s not about choosing “prophecy” or “the prophetic” over family, friends or even family churches or churches that don’t a knowledge  how God created you. 


It’s about recognizing that your mantle is connected to your destiny in such a way that you can no longer put it at the bottom of the totem pole. 



Your mantle is a crucial part of your purpose.


Yet when those you care about begin to try to pit WHO GOD CALLS YOU, against 

What they can’t control in your life … that dear prophet is manipulation and a form of...

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Uncategorized Jun 20, 2021
🎉🎊Happy Father’s Day 🎉🎊to the FATHER OF FATHERS whose APOSTOLIC VOICE has consistently poured into my life and family the last 17 years Apostle John Eckhardt!
In my crazy and calm seasons his voice has settled me, whether in person or afar.
One unexpected call releases care, concern and calm.
And yes, on the other hand he always picks up the phone or returns the call.
I thank God what you SEE really is what you get with you!
Your presence And prophetic words of guidance continues to make the difference.
When it appears others have forgotten, abandoned or tried to “cancel” I’m blessed to have a true Fathering APOSTOLIC VOICE who will connect the dots and provide clarity during times and seasons you least expect it!
As I’ve already told him privately & I will share publicly that he will never ever know how much his voice and acknowledgement mean.
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Uncategorized Jun 02, 2021
Yes, our GICMP SUMMER PROPHETIC TRACK IS UNDERWAY and right now you can get 50% using this MEMORIAL DAY CODE. (memorialday21) - YES, 50 per cent off.
You can go here to find out more about the SUMMER PROPHETIC TRACK aka  SUMMER COLLEGE OF PROPHETS .
Plus you can also PRE-REGISTER for our NEW SESSION OF COLLEGE OF PROPHETS (aka ordination/affirmation track that kicks back up in OCTOBER right after PROPHETIC CONVOCATION 2021!
Talk to you later,
Apostle Dwann
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Uncategorized May 21, 2021

One of the highlights of every year for me is my annual Prophetic Convocation. Last year we did a virtual alternative but we didn't come together, soooooa, that means we also didn't affirm those prophets who have successfully matriculated through the GICMP College of Prophets aka ORDINATION TRACK.
Today, I'm glad to share that these 4 women will be fully affirmed in public at Prophetic Convocation 2021
Congrats to:
Monique Jeffry
Jacqueline Jenkins
Anita Smith
Carla Westcott
See you in September! Yes, save the dates: September 24-26 ON-SITE and ONLINE
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Uncategorized May 17, 2021
Need a logo or logo UPGRADE for your business or non-profit organization?
Or a TOTAL UPGRADE of your BRANDING for the whole year?
But here's my question for you as a LEADER: Has this happened to you before?
It’s a special HOLIDAY, hmph, maybe even your birthday ...but somehow, you neglected to get the right social media graphic done in time and now you’re scrambling to get to the “last” designer to get it done, like YESTERDAY.
Look, I can admit, even though I have a FULL-TIME graphic designer on my STAFF, sometimes I just put off things like this and next thing you know, I’m in the situation I just described. Smh …
For real.
But you know what, one year, I just decided that I was going to sit down and plan out ALL the designs I needed for major holidays, staff birthdays etc ….so that I could really get ahead of the curve.
When I did that, boy did things just...
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