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April 22, 2022 - Prophetic Word: A Sudden Birthing Season

I was in a birthing room in a dream, and I saw a woman getting ready to give birth. As the baby got ready to come out, she stood up and then squatted into position. The midwife was next to her but wasn't ready or paying attention to receive the baby. I heard myself shouting at her to grab the baby when I saw the baby start to come out. Before the midwife could react, the baby was already out and on the floor. All people present were shocked at the quick delivery and were worried that the baby was injured, but when I looked at the baby, he or she was perfectly fine, so I told the midwife to pick up the baby and go and clean them up. When the midwife heard my voice, she snapped out of her shock and went to do what I told her.


Sudden Birth Prophecy: God is birthing His promises for your life in this season. It will be so sudden that you will miss it if you're not in position or paying attention. The birthing had already taken place in the spirit; watch for the manifestation. What you thought would take long, God is about to suddenly bring it forth that you will not have time to react. The enemy thought he defeated you, but God already has him in checkmate, and you're about to have the last laugh. Don't be dismayed at how things look in the physical, for God is getting ready to flip the tables on the enemy and give you the victory. Be watchful and be in position to receive your promise, for it is surely here. Even if you

don't catch it, don't be afraid to pick it up and run with it, for it is yours, says the Spirit of God.


Apanda Anyuon Bio


Apanda Anyuon is an emerging prophetic voice in the body of Christ. She was initially born and raised in South Sudan, Africa, until she was eight years old before moving to Australia, where she now resides. She grew up in a catholic household, but it wasn't until August of 2018 that she came to Christ and got baptised in a pentecostal church.


Her Prophetic awaking began in late 2016 and lasted for years before she realised what was happening and the call of God on her life. In December of 2021, she decided to take her calling seriously and connected with Prophet Andrea Peel Roberts and is currently in her mentorship group PMG, now called Emerge.


She holds a bachelor's degree in media and communications and a minor in Journalism. She worked in that field on and off for a few years in sports television broadcasting. She is also a wife and a mother to a 2-year-old son.


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