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April 1, 2022 - Prophetic Word : IT ISN'T WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE.

We are in the days of adversity, murder, high rising prices and famine. We see what the news is saying and what is written online.
2 Kings 6:17 tells us that  by Faith we are able to see beyond what we can see and that what you think you are facing isn’t as bad as what you see.  Elisha was in Dothan with his servant when the King sent a great army to surround that city, Elisha’s servant saw them and became fearful.
But Elisha could see beyond what the servant could see, so he prayed.  Then the Lord opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” (2 kings 6:1-17  emphasis on verse 17).
The miracle that was granted was that the young man was able to see what Elisha saw – the powerful “horses and chariots of fire” that surrounded Elisha.  They were there to guard them, fight for them and to lead them to a place where they would be safe and...
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Mentorship for Emerging Prophetic Voices

Are you tired of looking for a MENTOR in your area, who's willing to POUR into you LIVE?
Or, maybe you realize you need prophetic mentorship but NOT QUITE ready for COLLEGE OF PROPHETS ...
If you're nodding your head or saying YES TO ANY OF THIS ...I want you to check this out and join our new EMERGE PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP for EMERGING PROPHETS OF ALL GENERATIONS!
You ready to find out more? Let's go!
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Are you a Kingdom Builder?


As we were coming into 2022 God released the prophetic word through GICMP'S Prophet Andrea P. Roberts: "This is the year where He is releasing Noahs, Joshuas and Daniels and that many would build Arks in this season, that may look strange to others."


Plus, He told GICMP FOUNDER, Apostle Dwann Holmes, this would be the year that He causes His children to MASTER MEDIA, MONEY AND MINISTRY.


Now off the heels of her book The Global Call To Marketplace Ministry: A Practical Guide To Ministry Outside the Church, Apostle Dwann has pulled together some spectacular Marketplace Leaders for GICMP's Miracles In the Marketplace eSummit and Interview series.



Yes, God is releasing MIRACLES IN THE MARKETPLACE and in this season He's raising up an army of AMBASSADORS who aren't afraid to embrace their God-given assignment, not just in the church, but in the Marketplace.

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Uncategorized Mar 09, 2022

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I’ve been thinking of the best way I can help FEMALE FOUNDERS and MARKETPLACE LEADERS elevate and increase and I think I've come up with IT!


One of those is by offering LASER TARGETED COACHING in a specific area of expertise that I have MASTERED and that I get asked to help the most.






Soooo here’s what I’m going to do!


I'm going to help (5) women in each of these areas via a VIRTUAL GROUP VIP DAY


Yes, I’m limiting each group to (5) so that I know I can help you get the results you desire in one INTENSE day of building.


I’ve drastically cut my DAY rate down by 1k, Soooooa, all you have to do is invest the $499.99  or choose one of the installments, then you’ll join me and 4 other women in BUILDING that LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM,  Automating that Customer Acquisition Experience (aka SALES OR REGISTRATION FUNNEL)  from start to finish and...

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Discover Prophetic Preaching in a New WAY!


Does God deal with you prophetically but you sometimes get stuck incorporating what He shows you supernaturally into a sermon.

Are you a prophet but never had an opportunity to go to Seminary or Bible College and you know you need to understand the do's and don'ts of sermon preparation 101 and definitely prophetic sermon preparation.

Or have you gone to your local church's ministerial training, but you know you need more education in prophetic preaching?

Or you could be a spectacular preacher with an MDIV, but now, all of a sudden GOD IS AWAKENING THE PROPHETIC IN YOU and you need help quickly understanding how to have a BETTER prophetic flow!!

If you answered yes, TO ANY OF THESE questions you are not alone.

Listen, I have seen every kind of prophetic voice you can imagine come through my prophetic institute.

From novices to thought leaders.

But no matter what. The one thing they all seem to understand is that this NEW "prophetic thing" God is doing in them, means they need more...

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How should prophetic intercessors pray during times like these?

In times like these, many are confused not just about life but about world happenings.
Nevertheless, as Apostles, Prophets and Ambassadors of the Kingdom, we do have a responsibility.
The word of God tells us in Ecclesiastes there will be  "a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace."
Truth be told, the Bible is full of passages of war.  And yes, even instructions on what to do during war.
Yet, during times like these where WAR IN THE NATURAL IS REAL, I believe we still have to look at what is behind the war in the spirit. 
 1st Corinthians 10:4 says   "The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds."
YET, Today, GOD'S STRONGMEN and WOMEN of PRAYER, must come forth. 
As intercessors, when you don’t know what...
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Launching your business while still working in corporate?⁉️
Or, ready to launch, but know you need the RIGHT help to make sure you maintain your lifestyle?⁉️
Look, I've been there!
When I first ventured into entrepreneurship, I was a 🎥TV news anchor/reporter working full-time and burning the midnight oil at my business partner‘s apartment after I got off work at 10:30 PM.
🎯I knew nothing about starting a business except what I had seen heard and then given supernatural insight about.
Oh and even though I had planned on quitting my job in August 2000 the station I worked for chose not to renew my contract that April.
The same week I had just been awarded the best TV news reporter in the state by the associated press.
Nevertheless , that changed the trajectory of my life.‼️
My business partner was already being paid a salary from our media firm, and it was bringing in more than 💰6-figures, 💰when I got FIRED!
But guess what … I made plenty of mistakes...
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Uncategorized Dec 14, 2021



Join Dwann Holmes And the prophets of GICMP for a special roundtable edition of THE 12th annual PROPHETIC PRAYER EXPLOSION…


Saturday - December 18th - 10am to NOON streaming live via FB and YOUTUBE.


This year Apostle Dwann is joined by Prophets Katabia Henry, Dion Brown, Renee Jacob & Andrea P. Robert’s.


Come hear how to position yourself for 2022 and beyond … plus personal prophecy.


Register now or text keyword ApostleDwann to 80123

Personal Prophecy will take place VIRTUALLY via ZOOM. You must register in order to receive the link for prophecy on Saturday. Prophetic Ministry IS NOON to 2PM.

Can't make it? Go to to register for your 2022 personal prophetic word.

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It hasn’t always been “popular” to be a Prophet‼️🤷🏽‍♀️⁉️🤔
Nevertheless here are 7 REASONS I PROPHESY‼️(swipe)
What about you? When was the last time you prophesied to someone?
When was the last time you received a personal prophecy from a Kingdom Prophet?
Here are 7 reasons I do what I do, for the people of His Kingdom.
🎯1. I prophesy because I realize in most churches of today, no matter how spirit-filled they are, parishioners are made to feel like everything BUT a child of God when they earnestly desire one of the spiritual gifts we call prophecy.
🎯2. I prophesy because I know now more than ever God wants to use prophetic evangelism to win souls to His Kingdom!
🎯3. I prophesy because for far too long Psychics have been heralded as heroes because prophets of the Lord have been in hiding not bold enough to say “God says ”
🎯4. I prophesy because I believe 5-fold ministry leaders need confirmation in order to move forth in God’s Vision for them...
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