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June 15, 2022: Prophetic Word: "God's PROVIDENCE PREVAILS!!"

What ever you do in this season, don't neglect your prophetic words and don't allow the CALAMITY that may come before the manifestation of THE word over your life to CURSE it out!!

After your prophetic dream or prophetic word that gives you a glimpse of the glory GOD wants to release to you, you have to be prepared to walk it through, work it through and WALK IT OUT!

Even though many people want to rush the manifestation of their prophecies and GO FORTH into something before the time is right, you have to believe that even in the midst of crazy calamities and rocky relationships GOD’S PROVIDENCE and PROPHECIES over your life will PREVAIL.


That’s why it’s so important that you don’t get caught up in what’s NOT happening that you begin to succumb to what is happening. 

JOSEPH was a typical baby boy or YOUNGEST CHILD!  HIS FATHER LOVES HIM MOST and it wasn’t a secret. We’re told Jacob had Joseph at the ripe age of 91!!! 

He loved him so much he created him a beautiful colorful coat  that IDENTIFIED him has his CHOICE CHILD. 

But like all babies of the family, Joseph made it his business to tell on his brothers. In Genesis 37 :2 “ and Joseph brought his father their Evil REPORT!”  Told on his brothers about what they were and weren’t doing in the fields!

Joseph had 2 significant prophetic dreams about his destiny at the age of 17, but we don't see the manifestation of the prophetic mandate over his life until many years later!!!

After so many calamities that he could've allowed ALL of them to CURSE OUT what God had showed him about is MANDATE. 

Yet, He moved forward and walked it out knowing I'm sure that GOD'S PROVIDENCE ALWAYS PREVAILS!!

Decree this over your life today: GOD'S PROVIDENCE PREVAILS OVER MY LIFE!!

Apostle Dwann

Founder: GICMP


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