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Looking forward to helping another Prophet/Pastor CELEBRATE 9 years..

Uncategorized May 14, 2021
Good morning ,
Happy FRIDAY!! Another check in
I'm excited to release the WORD OF THE LORD and encouragement to another Pastor who has made it through this PANDEMIC SEASON!!
YEP, ministering at another anniversary. This time for Prophet Lisa Thompson.
If you would like to hear the word or need some prophetic encouragement yourself, see the information below and join us.
Apostle Dwann
P.S. If you're a Pastor or Apostle getting ready to celebrate your anniversary and you feel your house and yourself may be in need of a prophetic apostolic thrust, I have some great virtual specials that I added to accommodate this season.
Just go here:
Then click DH Speaking/Training
Then click Virtual Speaking/Preaching
The countdown begins! Join us for the ultimate Anniversary event on Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 11am (EDT) with special guest speaker, Apostle Dwann Holmes! You do NOT want to miss this. Register...
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Uncategorized May 03, 2021
🌸🌺Happy Mother’s Day!!! 🌺🌸
If you’re a mother in Jax meet me and the Global Prophetic Life Training & Worship Embassy TEAM at the RACETRACK ON BLANDING right next to Juicy Crab at πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰3pm!!πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ
We’re blessing 100 MOMS with gas!
Enjoy your day!’
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Uncategorized May 01, 2021
Yes, our power-packed 90 minutes of prophetic praise, worship, prophecy and word is back. 
You are welcome to join us online and on-site at Global Prophetic Life Training & Worship Embassy.
Plan your visit at
Of course we will adhere to CDC standards.
Gotta wear masks ... sit with your household and yes, TEMP CHECKS.
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New Book: Permission To Grieve Set To Bring Emotional Healing As Death Continues Ripping Families Apart In Midst of This World Pandemic

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021



New Book: Permission To Grieve Set To Bring Emotional Healing As Death Continues Ripping Families Apart In Midst of This World Pandemic

Former TV Journalist Dwann Holmes Offers Transparent Journey of Her Grief Recovery Process With Hope of Helping Others Learn To Effectively Win Through The Pain


February 2, 2021  - Fleming Island, Florida


Anytime a loved one dies most families are still stunned even after health professionals have delivered dismal news of pending death. This can be doubly devastating when families are dealing with back to back deaths.


No matter how much you’ve been instructed to grieve, many agree it’s easier said than done when trying to be strong for everyone else. That’s what leaders including Pastors experience on a regular basis. 


There is something to be said when we truly give people Permission To Grieve, in all situations of loss, not just in death, but  even  in...

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Help, I LOVE my pastor but he/she is NOT PROPHETIC!

This is something I hear a lot.
The b portion of a young lady's statement via CLUBHOUSE  was I love my pastor and he pastors me well, but he's not prophetic and it's really not a prophetic church, so I'm thinking about leaving.
Then myself and another one my mentees Prophet Dion Brown began to share our experiences and give some true insight from a PROPHETIC POINT OF VIEW. 
Prophet Dion was adamant : Don't leave your church. You need someone that can pastor you well. Just find yourself a prophetic mentor and recognize your Pastor is probably not your prophetic mentor and that doesn't have to be a problem. IT'S hard to find the right pastor and one that pastors you well, so if you have found one, don't be so quick to leave. 
Then, I gave my insight:  Listen, every Pastor in America or the world, is not Prophetic. Even if  they are known as  THE PROPHET of their "house" ie church, doesn't mean that they...
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πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰TODAY, I THANK GOD FOR 20 YEARS of ministry and 16 years as an ordained minister of the gospel!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020
I grew up Baptist in Omaha Nebraska at
St Mark Baptist Church
Sidebar: As a matter of fact I was the first woman to preach from the pulpit back in 2008 during a prayer breakfast hosted by the choir when the president was my girl Andrea Brady
At St. Mark, we learned THE WORD and how TO SERVE. And yes, sooner or later as a young person you would be headed to an annual conference with the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION DEPARTMENT so you would could learn how to truly APPLY the word. (smile)
So though I had a firm foundation of the word and even taught Sunday school at a young age, and routinely saw my motherLillie Holmes
LEAD and TEACH, it never dawned on me, that God could and would use me to PREACH, PROPHESY, LAY HANDS, HEAL, DELIVER and shift paradigms.
🎯But somehow while at school at University of Nebraska at Kearney
in Kearney Nebraska, (1989-1993)I happened upon a spirit-filled church where the husband and wife ministered TOGETHER. I think it was Assemblies of...
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Today I honor the one and only Apostle John Eckhardt

Today I honor the one and only
Apostle John Eckhardt
& say πŸŽ‚Happy BirthdayπŸŽ‚β€ΌοΈ
I can count on 1 hand those who’ve been steady, stable and significant in my 20 years of walking with this Prophetic/Apostolic mantle.
He is one.
Apostle John, thanks for always receiving me, never rejecting and always being a source of strength when needed most.
You’re a giant in the Faith and an authentic Apostolic father and mentor.
Much love!!
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The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020
The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE
When you have your Apostle's or "Prophetic Parent's" DNA, there's no choice about your proclivities.
You are who you are, and what you are... and there's no choice.
Though you are your own individual some things, some thoughts, some actions resemble that #Apostle or #Prophetic Parent.
In the spirit there's a KNOWING.
In the spirit there's something missing and something broken when you're not connected properly.
In the spirit just like they can spiritually see into you, you can spiritually see into them.
When they show up - answers appear
When they show up - solutions come forth
When they speak - PEACE settles you.
When they teach - IDEAS overflow in you.
When they preach - MOTIVATION moves you.
When you SEE them you are encouraged and uplifted.
When you SEE THEM you know their presence makes a difference but you know their COVERING supersedes presence.
They see in you and through you and you see their VISION faster, quicker...
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As a reminder of who I am and whom God has called and assigned me to be I post this APOSTOLIC MONOLOGUE within my PROPHETIC MENTORSHIP INNER-CIRLE about once a quarter or at least every 6 months.
πŸ’―I deal with a lot of wounded Prophets and those who’ve been delivered from traumatic situations many times including “people of faith”!‼️
πŸ’―Thus, I find it helps those I’m assigned to serve, remember the authenticity of who I am and why God sent me or them to each other.
🎯🎯Recently, after my latest “repost” and a few conversations I was encouraged to post this publicly to help give a better voice and language to identifying characteristics of 21st Century Apostolic Ones and the insight and interactions that may seem to be usual but hard to verbalize.🎯🎯
#DearApostle – Be you and don’t apologize for who you are NOR accept the false burden that many try to place upon simply because of the insecurities and...
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The Truth About Why There’s A BREACH between You and Your #Apostle, #Mentor, #Pastor, #Bishop or #Spiritual Parent

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020
All successful relationships include reciprocity and clearly vocalized EXPECTATIONS on both sides.
Unfortunately due to the perceived hierarchy of one versus the other in many “so-called” kingdom relationships, these tend to fall short, simply because of false and unspoken expectations on both sides.
Many times we forget that we all bring a FAMILY AND SPIRITUAL CULTURE to our relationship dynamic that may not be the same.
If you are not familiar with my spiritual, family or business relationship culture then what I love, may actually offend you and what you like may actually butt heads with my “integrity-meter”
Just think about it: A leader starts calling you DAUGHTER or SON, but in your mind, they have never really birthed you or even cared enough to communicate with you.
Yet, because they “border-line” manipulated the relationship in public by calling you DAUGHTER or SON without ever explaining their definition of that, you...
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