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April 12, 2022 - Not only am I Restoring, but I am Restocking

Not only am I Restoring, but I am Restocking!

Some things were in your storehouse and were used as needed for your benefit in the last season. It wasn’t stolen, it wasn’t wasted, it was used by you for its intended purpose. Today, I am breathing on your storehouses again and I am restocking, says the Spirit of God. I am fitting you with a NEW supply and REPLENISHING what was used. Even ideas that seem dusty and on the shelf, I am REPURPOSING and REPOSITIONING them like NEW.

Additionally, like the stores restock the shelves with new merchandise, I am RESTOCKING you with NEW ideas, NEW strategies, NEW deposits, NEW contracts, NEW investors, investments and inventions, NEW patrons/customers, NEW territories, NEW products and offers, so that your storehouse will be refilled and overflowed. These things will be REGENERATING and cause income and results that are RECURRING so that one effort will produce the RESIDUAL.


I declare that there is a RESTOCKING in my life and what I don’t have will no longer be my. focus. And as I honor God with what is produced, my barns will be filled to overflowing, and my vats will brim over with new wine. (Proverbs 3:10)


Celeste Payne is a marketplace minister and creative  that uses self-care strategies to help people from all walks of life relax, de-stress, and discover innovative solutions to barriers that may be hindering their success. She is  a certified art teacher, and award-winning graphic designer that empowers small businesses in graphic design education and supports her clients through online courses and coaching.

Celeste is a two-time Amazon best-selling author and an impactful presenter at empowerment workshops and conferences. Through in-person and virtual activities like painting parties and arts classes, she has been able to inspire and empower people from across the globe. She is owner of The Chortazo Art Gallery in Baton Rouge, LA, the place “Where Creativity Meets Empowerment.”


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