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It's time to pitch your tents in new spiritual regions and spaces. No more wondering around waiting to get what has been promised.

*Come out of dry places,
*Come out of unfruitful cycles,
*Come out of rebellion, and
*Come out of agreement with old belief systems.

As you leave the wilderness, you will hear me in a different manner. So, desire to hear My voice louder, says the Lord.

*I AM increasing the volume,
*I AM pushing My frequency,
*I AM positioning things to be in your reach,
*I AM creating a pathway for you, and
*I AM with you, says The Lord.

Be ready to pitch your tent in My CAMP, says The Lord.

Jesus pitched His tent and dwelt among us, so we would have access to The Father. (John 1:14) God wants us to pitch our tents in places where others will have access to Him. These regions and spaces are not intended to be permanent, but they are temporary and mobile. When your work is finished in one region/space, be ready (on The Father's command) to move to the next.

Do not be fearful or hesitant to shift or to transition, and do not be concerned with who comes or goes, just follow My lead, says The Lord. I WILL do the work in you. (John 14:10)

I WILL move like a storm across the lands and I WILL make MY power known throughout the lands. (Isaiah 40:3-5)

I WILL position My people for the Day of The Lord. (Ezekiel 30:3-4)

THE WILDERNESS HAS RELEASED YOU, because I have commanded it to be so, says The Lord. (Deuteronomy 8:2) As some of the children of Israel were not able to go into the promised land, count it an honor to see the fresh wind of what I AM doing. So, take the liberty and freedom which is upon you and move into the places I have already promised you. Clouds and fire have kept you, but this day MY PRESENCE and POWER are your weapons and victors.




As a Speaker, Author, Leader, and Trainer (SALT), Rosemary has leveraged her faith, ministry and business expertise, and prophetic gift to Build Better Lives.  Rosemary has worked and served in ministry and in business for more than 30 years. She is gifted in helping others reach their maximum potential through self-evaluation, developing directional tracks, and producing results that yield success.   As a former Children and Preteen Pastor for over 19 years, she has written published curriculum for children and preteen ministry and has built and led teams of more than 250 volunteers with specialized leadership roles.  She has authored spiritually based help books, produced inspirational healing and affirmation albums, written articles for highly visible spiritually based magazines, and created marriage relationship building tools to help transform lives.  Rosemary has ministered globally and presented on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and at national conferences.  She is the founder and host of the BEST Me project for elementary age students, The7Movement biblical studies project for women, and the co-founder of the Children's Ministry International Prayer Initiative.  Rosemary is a trainer and coach to individuals, companies, and families. She and her husband, Wyman, are owners of Kairos International and WRW International, LLC, two companies committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring others to achieve divine success. To find out more about what Rosemary has to offer, visit her website at



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