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Hey there Prophetic Learner,

It’s Apostle Dwann from GICMP.

Just in case you don’t know, I’m the FOUNDER of The Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets. (Check out the backstory below)

I’m a TV JOURNALIST by Trade but I launched GICMP back in 2010 to help prophetic voices looking for a safe place to understand and exercise their supernatural gifts.

NOW GICMP is known for its TOP NOTCH educational and training experiences that set STANDARDS in this digital world.

I actually founded the FIRST FAITH-BASED PROPHETIC APOSTOLIC virtual-conference back in 2013 and the first Teleseminar back in 2008.

Sooooo, that’s why we have HUNDREDS of digital ON-DEMAND COURSES.

Annnnnd, that’s why I’m able to offer you 37 prophetic teachings for just $47 for this FLASH SALE, originally offered on CYBER MONDAY!

But that’s NOT all!!!

I’m actually giving you access to that VIRTUAL PROPHETIC CONFERENCE AS WELL that features some of the FOREMOST PROPHETIC VOICES of our times.

Plus, you get access to PROPHETIC CONVOCATION 2020 INTERVIEWS that I did with Apostle John Eckhardt, Apostle Paula Price & Bishop Brian Keith Williams.

  1. Overcoming Rejection Pt 1
  2. Overcoming Rejection Pt 2
  3. Overcoming Rejection Pt 3
  4. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 1
  5. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 2
  6. Your Prophetic Flow Pt 3
  7. Prophetic Analogy: Discerning The Prophetic Vs The Occult (Witchcraft)
  8. Prophetic Analogy : Discerning
  9. Prophetic Analogy: Interpreting Portals
  10. Understanding The Apostle
  11. Understanding The Prophet
  12. Understanding The Evangelist
  13. Understanding The Teacher
  14. Understanding The Pastor
  15. Prophetic Homiletics: Hermeneutics 101
  16. Prophetic Homiletics:Homiletics 101
  17. Prophetic Homiletics:Sermon Preparation 1 & 2
  18. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic Symbolism 1 & 2
  19. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic Demonstration 1 & 2
  20. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic Declaration
  21. Prophetic Homiletics:Prophetic Revelation
  22. Prophetic Homiletics:The Prophetic Delivery
  23. The Gift of Prophecy Versus The Spirit of Prophecy
  24. Winning Against Apostolic & Prophetic Witchcraft
  25. Prophetic Intercession 101
  26. The Prophetic Vault - GICMP INNER - CIRCLE TRAINING SNEAK PEEK Jan 21
  27. Jax School of Prophets Jan 21
  28. The Prophetic Vault - GICMP INNER - CIRCLE TRAINING SNEAK PEEK Feb 21
  29. Jax School of Prophets 21
  30. The Prophetic Vault - GICMP INNER - CIRCLE TRAINING SNEAK PEEK March 21
  31. Jax School of Prophets 21
  32. Apostolic Insight from Apostle Dwann - Prophetic Convocation 2021
  33. Marketplace Ministry Masterclass
  34. Prophets of the Bible 101 - MAJOR PROPHETS OF THE BIBLE
  35. Prophets of the Bible 101 - MINOR PROPHETS OF THE BIBLE
  36. Prophets of the Bible 101 - FEMALE PROPHETS OF THE BIBLE
  37. Psychics versus Prophets


Plus You Get These Bonus Teachings RIGHT NOW

  • Dr. Paula Price - The World of Organizational Prophets
  • Dr. Mario Maxwell - The New Prophetic Era
  • Dr. Jennifer LeClaire - State of the Prophetic
  • Dr. Pam Archibald - Angels & the Prophetic
  • Dr. Taketa Williams - The Power of Prophetic Prayer
  • Dr. Veter Nichols - The Birthing of Prophets
  • Eli Davidson - How Prophets Can Profit the Right Way With Integrity
  • LeesaReneeHall - The Truth About Why Ministries Fail
  • Bonus #1 - Prophetic Destiny Make-over
  • Bonus # 2 - Prophetic Success Panel
  • Bonus # 3 - Opening Session with HOST Apostle Dwann Holmes Rollinson
  • Bonus #4 - Closing Session and special impartation with HOST Apostle Dwann Holmes Rollinson

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