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April 25, 2022. -God says: There is a shift taking place, but have you shifted?

God says: There is a shift taking place, but have you shifted?

Yes, I am doing a new thing and it has begun! Why are you mourning over the past? You can’t
pour new wine into old wineskins.

What I am doing is greater than you think! Why are you expecting little? Some of you are so focused on a thing that your tunnel vision is hindering you from seeing the bigger picture. Stop putting me in a box. There is no limit as to what I can do. Stop looking at your limitations and tap into my resources which are limitless.

Apart from me, you can do nothing, but with me all things are possible.

Will you meditate on my word? Will you obey my word? Will you believe my word?

It is time to shift! And as you shift your thinking, so shall you be for as a man thinks in his heart so is he.


Deborah Cadore has served in ministry as a prophetic intercessor, worship leader, administrator, armor-bearer, teacher, and prophet in training.


She has ministered to inmates in prison, women in...

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