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God Says: Don't Drag Them!

You have less than 2 weeks left in 2022.
I hear the Spirit of the Lord  resounding these simple but powerful words “Don’t Drag Them,”
All 2022 many of us  dragged people to purpose, dragged them to understanding, dragged them to protect them, dragged them to support you, dragged them to believe in you, dragged them to stay with you.
Let it end now.
Drop them right there and move on! 
If they continue with you willingly,  great ... advance!
If not remember lot’s wife.
Don’t look back!
We have done a lot of Dragging this year:
  1. -Pastors dragging members to stay connected and serve God
  2. -Spouses dragging spouses to love them
  3. -Parents dragging grown kids to do better
  4. -Friend dragging “friends” to stay loyal
  5. -Business owners dragging customers to purchase product to meet goals
Let me make an announcement!
I will not be dragging any human being in this season.
Walk right or get left 🔥
God is sending people in your life that will have the capacity to hold what you carry!
Just be patient🔥❤️
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