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Why Titan Submersible Imploded: The Science Behind The Prophetic Revelation

In my 37 years of working in chemistry, I spent twelve years working on nuclear submarines and 20 years working on oxygen systems for aircraft. When I first heard about the Titan Submersible vessel and its six means of resurfacing, I knew immediately that the submersible vessel was trapped or destroyed.
Still, my husband told me to hold on.
The more I heard about Mr. Stockton Rush, the chief executive and founder of OceanGate, and creator of Titan, my scientific knowledge opened my ears to prophetic revelation.
  1. The Titan creator took shortcuts: Many people in the world will achieve success by taking shortcuts. I heard that you are required to go through the process. There will not be any shortcuts for what you need to learn; you need to build your ministry, business, project, or life on a firm foundation. Open your ears to hear my voice and follow what I am saying.
  2. He did not use foundation science, tested or proven standards. Read Isaiah 28:16 - God has established for his...
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Prophetic Word for June: The Month of Divine Guidance

June 1st we are at halftime 🔥🔥🔥
God’s got it from here!
This month the Lord said He will supernaturally lead you into your places of purpose, Power, and prosperity.
Don’t resist His unusual leading!
Although the way May seem strange, every step has been carefully ordained by God.
You are not starting over but rather crossing over into the Promised place.
Prepare to breathe ”rare air.” The height of this next level will take some adjustments for you to learn to navigate and  dwell in, but this is the prepared place.
“Lean not to your own understanding “will be echoed loudly in your spirit. You do not know this way, but you do know God! Follow His lead.
Lack will suddenly be defeated as God release hidden treasure into your hands. This month will be the month that God will cause Men to sow into the work that He has called you to. Finances will appear as you walk with God in this new month.
You will...
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Your $5 Matters - Global Prayer Lines

Sometimes PEOPLE need a PURE PROPHETIC WORD FROM GOD more than they need PRAYER! Yet, there are other times people need PROPHETIC PRAYER that comforts and guides more than they need PROPHECY!! 



Today, we're asking you to join GICMP Ministries for $5 Dollar Friday!!

This is the day we've set aside to encourage you to DONATE $5 to all that God has assigned GICMP MINISTRIES  to do, particularly our PROPHETIC PHONE LINES and DAILY PROPHETIC WORD OF THE DAY. 

Especially if GICMP Ministries has ever been a blessing to you or if  myself or one of the prophetic voices of GICMP MINISTRIES has ever prophetically ministered to you at your point of need. 

Officially FOUNDED in July of 2017 this year MARKS our 5th YEAR of successful conversion from Dwann Holmes Ministries to GICMP MINISTRIES.

GICMP MINISTRIES'  main MINISTRY OUTREACH is our ministry phone lines in which we minister to THOUSANDS of...

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