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Your $5 Matters - Global Prayer Lines

Sometimes PEOPLE need a PURE PROPHETIC WORD FROM GOD more than they need PRAYER! Yet, there are other times people need PROPHETIC PRAYER that comforts and guides more than they need PROPHECY!! 



Today, we're asking you to join GICMP Ministries for $5 Dollar Friday!!

This is the day we've set aside to encourage you to DONATE $5 to all that God has assigned GICMP MINISTRIES  to do, particularly our PROPHETIC PHONE LINES and DAILY PROPHETIC WORD OF THE DAY. 

Especially if GICMP Ministries has ever been a blessing to you or if  myself or one of the prophetic voices of GICMP MINISTRIES has ever prophetically ministered to you at your point of need. 

Officially FOUNDED in July of 2017 this year MARKS our 5th YEAR of successful conversion from Dwann Holmes Ministries to GICMP MINISTRIES.

GICMP MINISTRIES'  main MINISTRY OUTREACH is our ministry phone lines in which we minister to THOUSANDS of people across the world every year.

We know that everyone doesn't have access to prophetic ministry. Thus, God gave GICMP MINISTRIES the mandate to pray and prophesy to those in need, as He leads. We are a 21st century company of prophets honored to be used by God for such a time as this.

This outreach started back in 2008 with just myself, Apostle Dwann and a few friends here and there. Then, by 2010 we also ministering on MONDAY NIGHTS to those who would call in to our TELESEMINAR lines, 

We now have more than 1000 VERIFIED - reviews that TESTIFY to the integrity and necessity of these prayer and prophecy lines.


TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS AND AUTOMATION: This prayer and prophecy outreach is 90 per cent automated. Meaning, we pay for the technology that is used to: booking apps, phone lines, websites, digital technology to record, mp3 delivery ... 

GIVE YOUR $5 to this outreach TODAY!!

Via CASH APP --$globalpropheticlife


OR TEXT THE WORD GIVE to 904-602-8008 



GICMP MINISTRIES is registered through the STATE OF FLORIDA as TAX EXEMPT - Not-for-profit ORGANIZATION




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