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Join Apostle Dwann for the Beyond Brokenness Women's Leadership Retreat

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2022

Leading Beyond Brokenness  

Sometimes the devastations we encounter in life seem to cause an unsurmountable set-back in ministry.

No matter how much we think we’ve healed many times the pain is just hidden,


The shame of adultery

The shock of divorce

The hurt of … (you fill in the blank)


Most of it is unveiled when we least expect it, yet we continue to lead.


Through the grief

Through the conflict


This intimate leadership retreat is just for women who want to make sure once and for all you’re leading well, even after the heart issues, that may still leave some residue.


No, you may not be leading with TRAUMA, but you may very well, still need help with the TRUTH of the matter.

During this special time of receiving, you can expect to be transformed and refreshed for your new season in life.



Check-in Thursday January 26 - Check-out Sunday January 29 - Let's do the work!


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