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Great Time Worshipping Sunday Morning at Truth Gatherers in Tallahassee


While in Tallahassee I decided to stop by Truth Gatherers Dream Center for morning worship.

Apostle Joe and Prophetess Robin Davis are the senior leaders there.

It was refreshing to be in service to worship and receive.

Their series and word was on one of my favorite topics: PRAYER!!!

I was also honored to GREET the congregation and share some of what God continues to speak to me in this season! I summed it up in about 3 minutes or so.

Click video above or click here and Listen in!  Now shout: SUCCESS IS IN YOUR HANDS!

Apostle Dwann

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A Decade of Transformation in Tallahassee with HD CHURCH

Thanks for your prayers as I traveled this weekend.

I was Excited to have been in Tallahassee, Florida with HD CHURCH & Apostles Carlos & Nicky Collins this weekend. 

Saturday’s Gala was superb!  

Always great to have Apostle Katabia Henry in the building and on hand. Thanks for serving Saturday night! ‼️🥰😀‼️

I was honored to participate in the elevation of Apostles Carlos L Collins & Nicky E Collins



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Breaking Free From The Root of Rejection: A Deliverance Roadmap to Freedom," is now available for pre-order

My new book, "Breaking Free From The Root of Rejection: A Deliverance Roadmap to Freedom," is now available for pre-order on Amazon! 🚀 All versions DROP on February 17th.
As we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. today, let's reflect on the profound connection between freedom and breaking free from the roots of rejection that hold us back.
MLK Jr. championed freedom and justice for all even during the most challenging times.
This  book is a roadmap to personal liberation.
Join me on this journey towards freedom and self-discovery. Pre-order your copy now and embark on a path of empowerment and emancipation.
Let's celebrate the spirit of MLK Jr. by breaking free from the chains that bind us and embracing a future filled with limitless possibilities. 📖✨
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Let Freedom Ring! Happy MLK JR. DAY!

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
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Moving Forward Divorce Recovery Journal Now Available!


"Moving Forward: A Divorce Recovery & Self-Love Prayer Journal for Women"**

* Nurturing Prayers for Healing:** Within the comforting embrace of "Moving Forward," discover 31 purposeful prayers crafted to ease the heart, soothe the soul, and lead you towards a place of emotional restoration.

** Uplifting Scriptures for Strength:** Anchored in timeless wisdom, each page reveals carefully selected scriptures—beacons of strength and hope that reaffirm your inherent worth and divine resilience. **

Reflective Writing Prompts for Self-Discovery:** Unleash the power of self-reflection with prompts that encourage you to explore your innermost thoughts, dreams, and desires. Document your journey, acknowledging growth and celebrating the resilient spirit within.

** Cultivating Self-Love Rituals:** "Moving Forward" is not just about recovery; it's about embracing self-love. Rediscover your unique beauty,...

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Virtual Night of Prophecy is January 15th

If you missed Prophetic Prayer Summit and haven't received your PROPHETIC WORD for the new year, I encourage you to meet me and Prophet Dion for a night of Prophecy.

This is specifically for those who were planning on coming but didn't and never signed up for the first round the weekend of Prophetic Prayer Summit. 

Here's the link to sign up!

Apostle Dwann 

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Let's COMMAND YOUR MORNING for the next 21 DAYs!




However you see fit, I'm inviting you to join me GPLJAX and GICMP for 21 DAYS of COMMANDING OUR MORNING starting MONDAY JANUARY 8 through SUNDAY JANUARY 28TH!

To help you get started I have recording the prayer we are using and uploaded it to youtube.

I found out about this book and prayer almost 20 years ago before it was on Amazon. Here's the book you can purchase from Amazon. 

GO HERE TO GET ON OUR EMAIL LIST to be notified when we come together in prayer at 5 am next week!

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Kajabi's best deal ever for COURSE CREATORS!

I saw this and had to make sure I sent it to you. 

Kajabi is the main COURSE CREATOR platform I've used to build our updated courses via my prophetic institute.

It works well and offers a great user experience for students. If you've been thinking about building your online institute or several courses for a credentialing program, I encourage you to try out Kajabi!

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If you’re in Jacksonville meet us Sunday night at 10pm‼️‼️ 
Need a prophetic word for your new year?
Join #gpljax as we bring in the new year at GREATER WORKS with GICMP Apostles John Ernestine Lawson


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