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"The Seers Post: When Kings Dream starts TUESDAY JUNE 4, 8PM EST

Dear Seers and Dreamers,
Are you ready to REACH THE full potential of your prophetic gifting as a SEER?
Welcome to "The Seers Post: When Kings Dream," an enlightening webinar led by Apostle Dwann Holmes, Founder of the Global INSTITUTE OF CHURCH AND MARKETPLACE PROPHETS.
In this transformative session, you will dig deep into the realm of prophetic insight, gaining invaluable wisdom and practical tools to navigate the supernatural with confidence and clarity.
Here's some of what you will learn!
1. The Seers Responsibility in the 21st Century:** Understand the profound role of the seer in today's world and the significance of your divine calling.
2. The Seers Post In Various Arenas:** Explore the unique functions of the seer's post in the kingdom, the world, the church, and within a company of prophets.
3. Mantle Management: Learn to identify and avoid the pitfalls of misuse and under-utilization of your prophetic mantle.
4. Knowing When to Speak:Gain insight into discerning when to share your prophetic revelations and when to maintain silence, ensuring wisdom and discernment in your interactions.
5. Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with Apostle Dwann Holmes in a dynamic Q&A session, where you can seek personalized guidance and clarity on your prophetic journey.
About Your Instructor:
Apostle Dwann Holmes is a seasoned leader in the prophetic movement, with years of experience equipping and empowering prophetic dreamers and seers worldwide. As the founder of the GICMP, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to help you unlock your full potential in the prophetic realm.
Date: [June - 4, 11, 18, 25]
Time: [8pm EST]
Location: Online webinar
Investment:Only $125.00
Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of revelation and empowerment.
Secure your spot today and step into a new level of prophetic understanding and effectiveness!

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