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The Truth About Your #Spiritual DNA versus YOUR RESCUE !

Many times because a Prophet's prophetic identity was really BIRTHED in the midst of witchcraft, trauma and control, the NEW #prophet becomes very confused about his/her spiritual DNA.

Not only confused...

You start questioning your prophetic identity.

You start questioning who you know God called you to be.

You start questioning your process.

Then, you run.


But in the midst of running you find others just like you.

Your pain forms a soul-tie that seems to put you on a path that doesn't seem to include destiny.

When you reflect back you realize;

No matter how much you prayed, it seemed like God wasn't hearing.

No matter how much you listened, it seemed like God wasn't speaking.

No matter how much you connected with other prophetic voices like you, something just didn't seem right.

Truth is - you were now being led down the wrong path.

You needed to be rescued.



  1. That Apostle RESCUED YOU!
  2. That Apostle REVIVED YOU!
  3. That Apostle REFRESHED...
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