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April 4, 2022 Prophetic Word - Prepare, Position, SeizeĀ 

This is a season to prepare both spiritually and naturally. Prepare your spirit for your next. Glean from the right counsel in this season that will provoke preparation for your next.

Be intentional in setting time to study and digest the meat of the word of God. We are entering a season where if you are only able to digest milk you are going to be malnourished in the spirit and will not be able to seize your next. Prepare in the natural for there will be more things that will become scarce.

Walk in wisdom that you will move wisely, not in fear or a spirit of desperation, but skillfully preparing for the time and season.

Position yourself ahead of the turmoil. In order to receive the miracle, you must be in right position. Positioning is not always sitting and waiting in a sedentary state, but positioning are movements, following the instructions, that will cause you to seize the moment of your God ordained opportunity.

Your preparation and your position will determine how you...

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