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As the founder of The Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets I am excited to announce our new COLLABORATION with PRICE UNIVERSITY, founded by Dr. Paula Price, acclaimed author of The Prophet's Dictionary and The Prophet's Handbook and so many more thought-provoking titles.
Not only will we host LIVE classes in Jacksonville, but we are also OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT to those in ministry all over the world who are seeking a Ministry Diploma, Certification and yes, even a DEGREE. 
No matter what your 5-fold gifting, we want to help you move forward in confidence and boldness knowing you've been educated properly. Find out more about our ACADEMICS PROGRAM via our website: 
The other great NEWS is that we are able to partner with LEADERS across the world who have a vision to build your own campus with our support. And we can offer done--for-you education and credentialing programs that will only enhance your VISION, Whether you're a Pastor, Apostle or Bishop don't...
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Every Prophet Needs This Teaching


For real, at the very least, watch this sample and testimonials, so you can hear more about this DYNAMIC TEACHING 

And then I want you to ask yourself this, Prophet:

1. What's your God project?

2. Are you still working your God project?

3. Or did you throw it away, because you NEEDED a miracle to get it done?

Hmmm.  Find our more: WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Then order your copy of this MASTERCLASS TODAY!


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