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June 8, 2022 - Prophetic Word: Ask Me For More

What do you see, but what more can you see? Ask Me For More more says The Lord. Ask me what you are lacking to fulfill your purpose, and I will answer. Ask Me for more dreams, and I will respond.

Ask Me for more visions, and I will share. Ask Me for more wisdom, and I will supply. Ask Me for for MORE of what matters to Me!!! You have not because you ask not. Go deeper and ask from the root of performance not from the surface.

When the root is strong, what is seen on the surface will be healthier. When you ask Me for more, you will see with greater sharpness and hear with greater clarity, but ask Me from the root. Cleanse yourself and come to Me. Strip yourself of things not of Me, then I can give you a garment of a different wear. My garment will take you deeper to reveal greater understanding of your purpose and My desire. Awake and realize you have not asked Me for what is valuable to Me but what is valuable to you. Change your perspective and ask Me according...

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