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April 2, 2022 - Prophetic Word : You Will Not Be Defeated: Deal With Your Fears

In this season, The Lord is saying...'DEAL WITH YOUR FEARS.'
When angels appeared to deliver a message from God, they said, 'Fear Not.' Following the angels' "Fear Not," God's was able to do something extraordinary. The Lord wants us to bury, annihilate, and suffocate our fears.  
Fear is the unauthorized intruder that attempts to paralyze the work of our assignment.  
Fear interferes with God's plan for our lives and tries to sabotage Kingdom expansion.  The Lord says, there will be some unusual or supernatural things appearing and happening, but when you see it, FEAR NOT!   Fear not, because you must be able to stomach foul situations.  Fear not, because you must have the stamina to stomp out the works of the devil.  Fear not, because you must be strong enough to sever the tentacles of deception. When fear is under control, faith will be in control.  
Have faith to maneuver in God's economy, signs, wonders, and miracles.
Deal with your fears, so God can use you in full capacity.  "You will not be defeated"  says The Lord of Hosts, for I (The Lord) Am with you.  
Today, declare...I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!!


As a Speaker, Author, Leader, and Trainer (SALT), Rosemary Winbush has leveraged her faith, ministry and business expertise, and prophetic gift to Build Better Lives.  Rosemary has worked and served in ministry and in business for more than 30 years. She is gifted in helping others reach their maximum potential through self-evaluation, developing directional tracks, and producing results that yield success.   She has written published curriculum for children and preteen ministry and has built and lead teams of more than 250 volunteers with specialized leadership roles.  She has authored spiritually based help books, produced inspirational healing and affirmation albums, and created marriage relationship building tools to help transform lives.  Rosemary is the founder and host of the BEST Me project for elementary age students, The7Movement biblical studies project for women, and the co-founder of the Children's Ministry International Prayer Initiative.  Rosemary is a trainer and coach to individuals, specialized groups, and ministry and business leadership teams.  She and her husband, Wyman, are owner of Kairos International and WRW International, LLC, companies committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring others to achieve success.

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