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Why CANCELLING Prophetic Convocation wasn't a CHOICE!

Thank YOU, simply seems inadequate to articulate what God did at prophetic convocation 2022.
Yet, it’s a great starting point‼️
Indeed, as Pastor Rosemary posted: It was a “BEYOND WHAT WE EXPECTED” experience ‼️
Thank you to my CORE TEAM who unified in FAITH, knowing we had to PURSUE God’s plans in order to CONQUER “the storm”
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
God demonstrated with ease “ THIS BATTLE ISN’T YOURS BUT MINE” ‼️
Scripture came alive as we took God at HIS WORD, no matter what we heard, from prognosticators.
There was a CLARION CALL in the spirit and the chosen answered.
With strategy and sensitivity God showed us what to do and how to do it, by any means necessary.
We simply had to OBEY.
And just like that … GOD DID IT‼️
to those who were ELEVATED;
To those who served and sowed, whether by time, talent or treasure.
To those who took a leap of...
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June 6, 2022: Prophetic Word: Pray Against Upheaval in America

Now is not the time to be caught up in what you feel. Because your feelings can lie to you, this is not the time to be caught up in what you see because your perception may cloud your vision. This is not the time to be caught up in what you hear because the things you hear may cause doubt to come upon you.

My sons and daughters, I am speaking of the natural realm. There will continue to be things that come across media to get you to feel, see, and hear what the enemy of your soul wants to feed you. Yes, I want you to be in tune with what is happening around you. And yes, I, the Lord your God, want you watching and praying. And yes, I want you declaring and decreeing. Yes, I want you to use the authority that I have given you on the earth, says the spirit of the living God.

I need my intercessors arising to new levels. I need my prayer warriors ready for battle. I need my prophets ready to utter my words in the earth. I need you praying against riots across the globe. Riots will cause...

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