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If you need help upgrading your social media presence and want a simple cohesive look for every holiday you celebrate, take advantage of this special I put together specifically for business leaders and ministry leaders.
If you have a logo you know needs to be upgraded or again a nice digital flyer for these holidays, cause you’re not the best at canva etc lol .., the first 20 Get this special for just $399. 😳‼️
🎯Yes, we will even “upgrade your logo if you created it yourself in word or PowerPoint or 🤷🏽‍♀️ or you have one that needs to be upgraded.
You can go to to see samples and you can go here to grab this special while it lasts. Just scroll to the bottom.
Our logo packages start 👉👉at $999.99 👈👈soooooa yes, this design upgrade is a huge deal.
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