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May 7. 2022: Prophetic Word: Get READY TO BLOOM!!!!

Hello May!

Prophetic Word


Friday afternoon I took my boys outside to play. One of my neighbors came over with her little girl to play with Kian and Karter.

Soon as she pulled up on the bike she pointed to my rose bush saying “Omg that bush is so gorgeous”.

I turned to see what she was viewing as I didn’t even recognize the bush blossomed so beautifully overnight.

The Spirit of The Lord quickly spoke to me saying “Tell my people get ready to bloom”

The things around you that once looked like it wasn’t growing or bearing fruit will suddenly bloom.

You will look up and see the “FULLNESS” of manifestation of dreams and visions.

The Essence and the beauty of the Lord will surround you which will grab the attention of many who do not know Jesus.

They will be drawn to the oil upon your life as they see the Glory of the Lord resting upon you!

The Lord will cause dead things which once had thorns to transform into a blooming rose...

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