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YES, You Can Profit as a Prophet with INTEGRITY!

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2021

Just because you're a prophet doesn't mean God doesn't want you to profit in your purpose.

Yes, there are many ways for you to profit as a prophet, using your prophetic mantle without it being a perverted method.

I've been doing this for years.

You just have to know that the God of WISDOM can and will anoint you for wealth as a PROPHET and will also appoint you to help others do so as well.

But, you still have to BELIEVE that God wants you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

I truly believe this.

And I also know one of my mandates is to help prophetic voices walk in their wealthy place. 

One of the visions I’ve always had  and have continued pressing forth to manifest is the GICMP Prophetic Chaplaincy program.

While it's about providing care and concern for those in the body of christ who need help, it's also about helping PROPHETS OF GOD create streams of income, so they won't have to rely on "offerings" to survive.

We launched phase one years ago as a prophetic counseling line. Then we shifted a bit of our verbiage and called it PROPHETIC ADVISING.

However, once I took (4) units of CHAPLAINCY through one of the local hospitals here in Jacksonville, God revealed so much more and gave me CLARITY on how to POSITION these new services.

It was clear. 

Call it Prophetic Chaplaincy!


A combination of talk therapy, christian life-coaching and chaplaincy inspired by prophetic revelation.

When our clients call these lines most are in the midst of a traumatic defining moment in life, that requires a spiritual settling. 

A new outlook!

A new voice of reason and a new voice of prophetic wisdom.


They could be experiencing, the loss of a job, a recent divorce or even the death of a loved one.

Or yes, even a health set-back of their own.


Nevertheless, now more than ever it is so important that GOD’S PROPHETIC VOICES are represented in the MARKETPLACE  and the digital space we call the World Wide Web.


My goal is to train, equip and release certified prophetic chaplains who will also help service our TRY GOD phone lines.

IF YOU’RE interested In learning more via private GROUP session with me, please go here to reserve your spot.


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