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Uncategorized May 17, 2021
Need a logo or logo UPGRADE for your business or non-profit organization?
Or a TOTAL UPGRADE of your BRANDING for the whole year?
But here's my question for you as a LEADER: Has this happened to you before?
It’s a special HOLIDAY, hmph, maybe even your birthday ...but somehow, you neglected to get the right social media graphic done in time and now you’re scrambling to get to the “last” designer to get it done, like YESTERDAY.
Look, I can admit, even though I have a FULL-TIME graphic designer on my STAFF, sometimes I just put off things like this and next thing you know, I’m in the situation I just described. Smh …
For real.
But you know what, one year, I just decided that I was going to sit down and plan out ALL the designs I needed for major holidays, staff birthdays etc ….so that I could really get ahead of the curve.
When I did that, boy did things just flow sooooooa, much better.
And yep, I was still able to help those I knew who came inboxing me at the last minute as well.
But the more this happened, the more I realized it didn’t have to happen.
So at the end of last year, I decided to put a special VISION UPGRADE design package together that any leader, business owner, entrepreneur, pastor, etc ...could take advantage of.
Basically it has ALL of the major HOLIDAYS that the government “recognizes” annnnnnnd it also includes a few other design assets as well.
I mean, I run or lead at least (3) organizations and I know most leaders like me just sometimes FORGET the small yet VERY IMPORTANT things like this!!!
Surely, you’ve been there before.
Soooooa, I wanted to let you know this is the LAST month to take advantage of this special at this special rate.
For real.
Whether you’re a ministry leader, business owner, author, speaker, by now you probably realize this is just a part of having a cohesive BRAND.
As long as you have a logo and a professional photo, we can really help you out.
And by doing the it as a WHOLE project, you can just chill and release your customized graphic whenever that holiday or your birthday hits.
Right now the special is $399.99 for all of these graphics.
Yep, less than $25 bucks for each graphic and it includes even a LOGO upgrade if you need to REFRESH your current logo.
But remember, this ends June 1st.
I’m in the middle of pivoting in a new direction and my business coach is insisting that I increase all my rates to represent the real value of what I’m offering, soooooooa, yes this package as it exists now will be gone this summer.
Click the banner below to invest and find out more. Feel free to reply back with any questions. You can see more designs via and Church Designs Now or via

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