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Last year, one of my spiritual daughters who is also a GICMP Prophet called to tell me about a dream she had regarding Haiti.
After I read it, it stunned me a bit because of the weight I felt behind it, knowing also she has NO CONNECTIONS there.
Plus, I didn't remember ever talking with her regarding this particular territory.
I thought it was a little strange, but knowing that she is accurate I told her to email the word to the customer care account for the prophetic institute and I think I also told her to feel free to post or release it in our prophetic mentorship group which is also called the GICMP PROPHETIC INNER-CIRCLE.
Then, this morning not long after finding out about the assassination of the current president, she texted me to remind me of the word she released last year.
I'm posting the email documentation  here as a reference and to help provide more context on why I give specific instructions to prophetic voices who appear to have a global call to certain nations.
From: Andrea Peele <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, May 28, 2020 at 8:13 PM
Subject: The Prophetic Word for Haiti
To: Apostle Dwann & GICMP Team <[email protected]>

On the morning of May 18 2020 I the Lord spoke to me in a riddle.

Riddle: What is blue green and red, that sits on top of a pole? This material shall surely fold. The nation this represents shall have a catastrophe, less someone goes and warns the people. Will it be you or will it be me?
I felt led to pull apart the riddle for interpretation like it was a dream. After I did that The word of the Lord came to me that evening.
Prophecy Word: Haiti, Oh how I want to reveal myself to you and commune with you, but because of the envy, jealousy and pride that rest on the people I cannot. 
I want to anoint you with wisdom and power, but your anger and wars prevent what I want for you. I want to bring this nation into completeness and perfection. My desire is to restore and resurrect this land.
There is spiritual warfare that goes on in the governmental high place. There is a cover that has been trying to hide, what's going on in the high place, but this covering will collapse.
Catastrophe shall hit the land yet again, if you do not remove the corruption from the high seat. The seat of authority.
Prophet Andrea Peele Roberts 
Whenever you as a prophetic voice has what appears to be a global word to a nation, national figure etc ...  here are my requirements through GICMP and my suggestions.
  1. First it needs to be determined whether or NOT you have the ability to get the word to that person or nation  OR whether or not it's a revelation that needs to be covered in prayer by those in your prophetic community  OR even other prophetic communities.
  2. To keep the integrity of the word I recommend not only that it is documented verbally but that it is also JUDGED by someone who has the ability to judge. Once judged, I believe you should then LISTEN and OBEY the instruction of the HOW TO RELEASE THE WORD with INTEGRITY.
  3. Third, the word should be emailed back to yourself or through your email system to document with a time-stamp when this word was released.
  4. Fourth, I believe you and those in your prophetic prayer community should keep the word covered as led and share the word with other integral prophetic prayer groups and communities who will again, take the word and pray.
Sometimes, when warnings come through prophetic dreams and visions,  due to the prayers of the righteous there are seasons when that catastrophe may be stopped.
Yet, there are other times when God simply reveals so that we can know what is coming and how to prepare.
No matter how deep or insignificant you feel your dream and revelation may be, as a prophet or prophetic voice, it's imperative that now more than ever you embrace who GOD calls you and act and operate accordingly.
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