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Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021
Sooner or later you will find yourself reflecting upon the difference between those who truly manifest and those who just move-on.
Sooner or later you will take time to critically review your systems and processes.
Sooner or later, most authentic mentors will be able to acknowledge what you’ve monitored over the years of being a mentor, even when you may not have taken the time to formally document, what you were seeing AND observing.
That’s what this is. Nothing more, nothing less.
I don’t have an “ought” with any former mentee that didn’t manifest. Nor am I thinking of "one" particular mentee that vanished into the atmosphere. lol
This is simply the documentation of the observation(s) that may also serve as clarity and encouragement for new MENTORS wondering what is going on or HOW or asking yourself: "How can I do this thing better, especially as a MENTOR OF FAITH?"
Now, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed over the years especially with mentees who are PASTOR(LESS) or in-between churches etc …when they come to you a MENTOR OF FAITH, they can’t properly verbalize their desire and need for a PASTOR.
They tend to want MORE from Y-O-U than you as a MENTOR OF FAITH can give or should be required to give, yet they place unspoken demands on you that you tend to not find out about until they leave.
Nevertheless, keep MENTORING!
You are needed in this HOUR now more than ever.
But let me confirm the thoughts going on in your head.
One of the most tragic downfalls as a mentor of faith is to provide time, tools and tutelage to someone who never manifests.
These mentees come seeking more than they have at the time and speaking that they want more and are ready for next level manifestation.
Yet, remember the word MORE is relative and subjective.
Many times this (desire for more) includes being ready to serve in specific situations so they will get an up-close and personal view plus impartation that a mere student may not ever access.
They come shouting from the roof-top how much mentorship matters to them.
Yet, for many who have never experienced accountability that pushes and prunes, they may find themselves overwhelmed with possibilities yet never doing what it takes to manifest past their imaginations.
They find themselves engulfed in a new culture of creativity and productivity that they never imagined possible.
Yet, their lens are skewed with past pain of misplaced motives.
They are thrilled to have you as a living example of what it takes to MANIFEST at high-levels but when the RUBBER meets the road, some will just not be willing to produce at the level it takes.
Bottom line, some don’t want to put “that much” strategy and work in.
And unfortunately they don’t look at their NEW mentorship relationship from the right perspective.
This NEW access allows them to view processes, systems and tools that when packaged in a WORKSHOP OR SEMINAR would cost them THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS ...
They don’t plan to profit or schedule their success.
They simply came to get what they can get … and once they are required to truly produce at another level of ACTION and/or INVESTMENT they’re now bewildered and confused.
That’s when they leave.
Some without a good-bye.
Some with a new excuse.
Truth is some came seeking the networks, relationships and platforms of the mentor, more than the manifestation of mentorship.
So at the moment those relationships are secure past their manifestation, that gives them the strength to leave as well.
After-all it’s the other relationships (you gave them access to) that hold the commodities that they are possibly not willing to invest in.
So it’s easier to just vanish, leave and connect closer in those relationships with plans of essentially duplicating what they learned from you.
TYPICALLY it’s not about you, but more about them, no matter how much they’ve misplaced their emotions and blame at the end.
Nevertheless, gird up your loins and KEEP MENTORING.
You are needed in this HOUR.
P.S. - OFFENDED MENTEES of THE WORLD etc …this is NOT the post for you to comment on about how the mentor should do this or that. That’s not what this post is about, nor is it coming from that perspective. (smile)

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