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The Truth About Why There’s A BREACH between You and Your #Apostle, #Mentor, #Pastor, #Bishop or #Spiritual Parent

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020
All successful relationships include reciprocity and clearly vocalized EXPECTATIONS on both sides.
Unfortunately due to the perceived hierarchy of one versus the other in many “so-called” kingdom relationships, these tend to fall short, simply because of false and unspoken expectations on both sides.
Many times we forget that we all bring a FAMILY AND SPIRITUAL CULTURE to our relationship dynamic that may not be the same.
If you are not familiar with my spiritual, family or business relationship culture then what I love, may actually offend you and what you like may actually butt heads with my “integrity-meter”
Just think about it: A leader starts calling you DAUGHTER or SON, but in your mind, they have never really birthed you or even cared enough to communicate with you.
Yet, because they “border-line” manipulated the relationship in public by calling you DAUGHTER or SON without ever explaining their definition of that, you moved forward thinking you had GAINED a deeper-relationship, life-long divine connection and covering, when really from the looks of things down the road, things remained the same.
Then you began to go over in your mind what a SPIRITUAL PARENT IS or means to you, based off of the FAILED relationship you had or didn’t have with your birth parents and/or those who raised you in the natural, not even realizing the penalties or strikes you were releasing against the one who called you their SPIRITUAL OFFSPRING, without them ever knowing it.
You never got a chance to TRANSPARENTLY say:
*I came to you for an Apostle Not A Parent
*I lost my birth parent at a young age, so I don’t know what it looks like to be a son/daughter.
*My birth mom/dad abandoned me so God is rebuilding my TRUST in leadership.
*All I’ve ever been connected to is a Pastor so I don’t understand how to be PARENTED by an Apostle
*All I really want is a TEACHER.
*All I really want is a MENTOR.
*All I really want is a TRAINER.
*Realistically, here’s what I need and expect.
So in the mind of your Apostle who may now be calling you son, because of all the students, mentees, spiritual sons and daughters they have there’s only a few things they can truly commit to you and your other spiritual siblings, yet unfortunately this has never been vocalized.
As a matter of fact it has also not been vocalized that they have learned grave lessons in what happens when you treat students and mentees like SONS/DAUGHTERS and they don’t want to make that mistake again, so for now they pray, pray some more, observe and obey God.
But on your end #dearprophet, because they have already failed you ( in your mind due to NO real candid conversations in private, you began to fight them in your mind and spirit, wondering where the breach has come from, when in actuality because of your past familial relationships and the last leader that punctured your spirit, you are now apart of the walking wounded, who tend to not admit, they need healing in order to be whole.

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