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The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020
The Truth About Spiritual DNA versus CHOICE
When you have your Apostle's or "Prophetic Parent's" DNA, there's no choice about your proclivities.
You are who you are, and what you are... and there's no choice.
Though you are your own individual some things, some thoughts, some actions resemble that #Apostle or #Prophetic Parent.
In the spirit there's a KNOWING.
In the spirit there's something missing and something broken when you're not connected properly.
In the spirit just like they can spiritually see into you, you can spiritually see into them.
When they show up - answers appear
When they show up - solutions come forth
When they speak - PEACE settles you.
When they teach - IDEAS overflow in you.
When they preach - MOTIVATION moves you.
When you SEE them you are encouraged and uplifted.
When you SEE THEM you know their presence makes a difference but you know their COVERING supersedes presence.
They see in you and through you and you see their VISION faster, quicker than most.
You're clear on who they are to you and who you are to them.
Even when they irritate you or vice versa - you still CARRY their's because IT IS YOUR INHERITANCE.
You protect their word, their vision, their voice MORE than questioning their motives and mishaps.
Because you see your FUTURE in them and around them, there's no other CHOICE.
You're graced to be in covenant NOT conflict.

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