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Uncategorized Aug 29, 2021
Though many #Prophets walk in REJECTION regularly, cycle after cycle year after year, FEW ever really get completely delivered from the magnitude of the mess they’ve weaved themselves into, if they’re NOT willing to hear and act on THE TRUTH.
Thus, you move into cycles of isolation and false clarity based on the proclivities and wounds to your mantle.
Though it appears you are making progress and still hearing God, most forget – A Prophet is a Prophet is a Prophet, because the word tells us in Romans 11:29 “God's gifts and his call are irrevocable.”
So even in your sin state and even in your STATE OF REJECTION and CONFUSION, most Prophets, still hear God speaking, though their filters of intake may be cloudy.
Yet, when it’s time for public affirmation, God will make sure that the residue of rejection that has plagued you is dealt with before this next level of elevation. However, once this elevation takes place, know that the next TEST and TRIAL regarding your deliverance from rejection will come forth in order to really determine, just how far you’ve come in your maturity!
💥Prophets Walking In Rejection tend to:💥
✅1. Reject others BEFORE they can reject YOU! to help “protect” yourself from MORE perceived rejection- ie: Your attitude and your mouth is 9 times out of 10 on “blast” of others and “boldly” yet “pettily” tell the truth in “nasty” ways in order to “stand-up” for yourself, just in case someone is about to “take advantage of you and your kindness”
✅2. Reject yourself by staying complacent INSTEAD of OR BEFORE you “try and fail” – your state of rejection causes you to NOT go after your dreams or INCREASE simply because you’re afraid to fail because failure in your mind is connected to REJECTION.
✅3. Reject divine relationships by RUNNING when those in covenant with you LEAST expect it- ie: You can and only will stay connected in covenant relationships for a “SET” amount of time in order to protect yourself. Just when the relationship begins to get deeper, you split or redraw the boundaries to protect yourself.
✅4. Reject RESPONSIBILITY by leaving in the midst of elevation – More Responsibility is an opportunity for more correction and more accountability.
✅5. Reject TEAMS by leaving in the midst of challenging leadership: Thus, if you’re not ready to truly accept next-level moves, Prophets in the Marketplace and in the Church will simply quit, back-up or move to avoid being responsible for TEAMS or having to be responsible in a new area that may require new levels of learning and vulnerability to possible failure.
✅6. Reject Accountability by not agreeing with Correction: You’re so overly confident in yourself, you rarely accept correction. Though you might respectfully listen, you don’t agree or accept correction because – “You just don’t agree”
✅7. Reject Commitment by disagreeing or NOT agreeing to make commitments
✅8. Reject Honor – Though you know how to show honor most times you fight or reject honoring certain people because you feel others have rejected honoring you.
✅9. Reject Respect – Though you know how to show respect many times you disrespect those around you and whom you’re in relationship with including your Pastors and Apostles simply because you feel no respect has been shown to you.
✅10. Reject Unity – You sow division by warning others to “steer clear” or be careful of new folks on the team or in the congregation. Most of the time for impure reasons.
💯Rejection will:💯
1. Cause you to take your-own self out in your mind, emotions, soul and spirit
2. Cause you to miss destiny doors
3. Cause you to mis-label friends, foes,
4. Cause you to mis-label sisters of faith, sinister
5. Cause you to mis-label brothers of faith, berating
6. Cause you to mis-label covenant communities criminal
7. Cause you to miss covenant connections by loathing leaders and others who were divinely sent into your life to help by challenging your standards.
8. Cause you to REJECT the Word of Prophecy Spoken over your life
9. Cause you to REJECT the Word of the Lord stated in the Bible
10. Cause you to reject the Will of God for your life
11. Cause you to REJECT wise counsel
12. Cause you to REJECT genuine help
13. Cause you to REJECT spiritual Transition
14. Cause you to REJECT spiritual Authority
15. Cause you to REJECT spiritual Maturity
This takes place simply because you haven’t thoroughly addressed the rejection that has been ingrained into your life, since the rejection you endured from your father or your mother or some other authority figure at a young age.
Apostle Dwann
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