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New Book: Permission To Grieve Set To Bring Emotional Healing As Death Continues Ripping Families Apart In Midst of This World Pandemic

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2021



New Book: Permission To Grieve Set To Bring Emotional Healing As Death Continues Ripping Families Apart In Midst of This World Pandemic

Former TV Journalist Dwann Holmes Offers Transparent Journey of Her Grief Recovery Process With Hope of Helping Others Learn To Effectively Win Through The Pain


February 2, 2021  - Fleming Island, Florida


Anytime a loved one dies most families are still stunned even after health professionals have delivered dismal news of pending death. This can be doubly devastating when families are dealing with back to back deaths.


No matter how much you’ve been instructed to grieve, many agree it’s easier said than done when trying to be strong for everyone else. That’s what leaders including Pastors experience on a regular basis. 


There is something to be said when we truly give people Permission To Grieve, in all situations of loss, not just in death, but  even  in divorce and in the midst of unexpected transitions.


In “Permission To Grieve: How To Cope Through Public Loss In The Midst of Private Pain,” Author Dwann Holmes takes us through her personal journey of grief in the death of her father, Dewayne Holmes Sr. who died not quite one year after her 101 year-old grandmother, Eleanor Nash Holmes. These personal losses happened during a time when many looked up to Holmes as their pastor.


“I started my grief journey back in 2015 and really had no idea my dad was going to die so soon after his mother. It was a tough time for me and my family but I knew eventually I would write about it, not knowing it would be ready for release during COVID-19”  Holmes says.


In  “Permission to Grieve”   Holmes shares how Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) helped her in ways she could have never imagined and what hurt as a leader coping through public loss in the midst of private pain.


Dwann Holmes gives interesting insight on what she calls the global grief of the world now that COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death for more than 2 million people and rising.


“ Just today I was talking to a media colleague who shared that one of her Pastor friends says he went silent for a month after his grandmother died during COVID-19 because he and his family wasn’t able to grieve in the normal way with all the new safety protocols. “ Holmes added. 


At the end of this short read, Holmes provides brief prayers for those grieving and practical instructions on how leaders can develop a Grief Contingency Plan.  You will find help and hope as you journey with Chaplain Dwann during this thought-provoking piece. 


Pre-order your copy of Permission To Grieve: How To Cope Through Public  Loss In The Midst of Private Pain via - Official release if Friday February 5.



About The Author

Dwann Holmes loves Media, Marketing, Mentorship and Ministry.  She is an award-winning journalist whose media and marketing career spans more than 30 years. As founder of The Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets, she spends much of her time training prophetic ministers and marketplace leaders for destiny. 


As Founder and Lead Pastor of Global Prophetic Life Training & Worship Embassy, the goal is “Training Ambassadors for Reigning “here on earth!  Holmes and her daughters (1 millennial & 1 Gen Z) enjoy living life in the Jacksonville suburb of Fleming Island, Fl.  


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