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Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021
Just making sure you realize what's going on in these virtual streets right now.
All of my digital content is 50 per cent off - STARTING FRIDAY AUGUST 27th
Sooooo, if you've been wanting to take one of my extended programs, NOW is the time to enroll for these ON-DEMAND courses.
Now remember, on-demand, means they are available right away and at your own pace and depending on how you make your investment (IN-FULL or monthly etc ...) will determine how many modules are released up front.
Most have weekly or monthly modules and then at the end a group Q and A.
If it's a certification program you MUST do the homework and turn it in and be prepared for the end of program assessment.
Make sense?
Any questions?
If you've been on my list a while, you know NORMALLY this type of  deal doesn't come until the holiday season.
But as you know, it's a GLOBAL HOLIDAY over here!! (smile)
Sooo here's how it works for YOU -
1. you can go to any of my websites, course sites, training sites etc  and once there
2. go to the COUPON section and
3. type in the code DH50TH and CLICK (APPLY)
VOILA when you check out, you will see HALF OFF!
If you happen upon one of my pages that doesn't have a space for the code just email me back here so we can include it. Or if you don't see a program you've been thinking about here me back or look through some past emails.

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