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May 23, 2022 - Prophetic Word: You Shall Have What You Say

You Shall Shift In Your Favourable And Always Desired Direction

For a very long time, many in this season have been seeking that clear path, clarity, and direction which would guarantee your breakthrough, and the Lord says,” You shall begin to Shift in the right direction, a direction that will bring forth your desired breakthrough. Fear not for you shall have what you say,” says the Lord,”

And this time because you are ready you shall not mismanage this second chance and opportunity in life. Go and excel and never allow the spirit of limitation, intimidation, and denial to load over you. Walk in the life that I have already given you and you shall begin to see that surely all things are yours and that in the season I have truly blessed you”.Thus says the Spirit of the living God.

“My strong Hand of power is coming against the spirit of confusion that has been running on a rampage amongst my body to keep many hostages, bound to their past and fears but in this season many of you shall begin to experience joy, unspeakable joy and you have peace, peace untold, a peace that surpasses all understanding and many shall see You and come to Your rising saying ‘“ is this, not the one who suffered because of many afflictions, loss, and depression “?, and You shall say the hand of the Lord that rests upon me has done it.

“So Arise and Shine for your light has come and My Glory has risen upon your life says the Lord and that which was hidden in you and could not find expression will now begin to come forth and manifest and all the nations of the earth shall see it and behold it,” thus says the Spirit of the Living God. Amen and amen

Prophet Lovemore Jeza

Called a Prophetic Revelator and An Usher to Destiny and Revival Lovemore Jeza is the FOUNDER/PROPHET at JEHUSPRINGS INT'L & An Ordained PROPHET at (G.I.C.M.P) The Global Institute Of Church And Marketplace Prophets Founded by Apostle Dwann Holmes.

He is an emerging Apostolic and Prophetic leader, He resides in Johannesburg, South Africa with his wife Prophetess Zoe, and their daughters Paula, Shekinah, and Joy.

Passionate about upcoming prophets and apostles, creatives and marketplace thought leaders. He longs to see a great move of God that will be supernatural in nature and that will usher the sons and daughters of God into their God-ordained destinies.


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