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May 19. 2022 - Prophetic Word: May will open the portal for the unchurched.

Originally released May 1, 2022 
I. The month of May will open the portal for the unchurched. GOD has allowed life, circumstances and hardship to be prevalent to reveal the need of salvation to the unchurched. The only churches that will survive, grow and thrive are the ones that emerge as Safe Places where the unchurched will feel safe enough to be vulnerable. Therefore, GOD is suffocating the spirit of religion and tradition out of our places of worship because this unchurched community will enter looking nothing like traditional church. They will have tattoos, colorful pasts and an eccentric style of attire. As a consequence, churches are going to have to become more astute and places with answers. This community of individuals have a litany of questions and we need men and women of GOD who are more concerned about providing information instead of inspiration. They’re coming and May will be the beginning; out of this will emerge the John the Baptist type of leaders for this new era.

II. May will also bring extreme clarity to many of you reading this prophetic word. As you’re reading now, some of you are emotional and in tears because you just asked GOD for answers about your future and relocation to another state and GOD is saying GO. Dr. MeMe keep saying Babe, GOD is saying RELOCATION and ESTABLISHMENT. Where you are currently is too small for what you house. Your financial, relational and spiritual struggles are due to you being in a geographical place that is literally draining the life out of you. Don’t you remain in that place because you grew up there or your family is there. That place is putting a strain on your sanity and spirituality. I hear GOD saying He’s delivering you from Lodebar. You’re dying spiritually and emotionally. It’s time to move. Put your plans in motion to be gone before this year is out, some of you in 3 months. There’s a grace on 2022. 20 means redemption and 22 means coming into place, arrival and appearance. There’s an anointing on this year to relocate and if you have the faith to do it, GOD is going to establish you in a powerful way. Remember, Jesus said that a prophet is without honor except in his hometown. MOVE NOW!

III. The words QUICK WORKS has been reverberating in our spirits for weeks. May will be the month of quick works but only for those who put the word of GOD on their requests. Psalms 147:15 proclaims that his word runs swiftly. Whatever you’re believing GOD for in prayer, don’t just pray your emotions put the word on it. He said if you pray anything according to his word he will hear and answer. As you begin to declare the word over your life I can see in the realm of the Spirit that GOD is dispatching Michael, the Angel of War, to fight against the principalities that’s attempting to intercept your answers. You must receive this. Things are about to manifest QUICKLY for you starting today. You will see answers to prayers you pray at 5am manifest by noon weekly. The reservoir of heaven is opening and the floodgates of blessings are being directed to your address. QUICK WORKS.
IV. Starting today in worship the body of Christ will see an increase of Healing and Miracles through GOD’S presence during saturated worship. The only requirement by GOD is that the worship is done in Spirit and Truth. Last Sunday we experienced worship on another level. GOD spoke to us through multiple resident prophets that while in that atmosphere, doctors reports will be changed and things were turning around. This happened without the laying on of hands or preaching. It was activated through pure worship. David posed the question, “Who may ascend into the mountain of the LORD? He that has clean hands and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul into vanity nor sworn deceitfully.”
Pastors and leaders, if you desire to see healings and miracles demonstrated in your sacred spaces weekly you must be consecrated. The season of fake worship while your hands and hearts are filthy is over. You will be able to tell the places that aren’t pure because GOD’S presence will not show up. When worship is pure you don’t have to manufacture the glory with lights, smoke or gimmicks. The Glory is attracted to believers with clean hands and pure hearts.
V. Lastly, in the month of May we will begin to see what GOD spoke to me about a true prophetic Caleb Company arising who will give the Good News report when the world espouses an evil, negative narrative. Amid all of the wars, rumors of wars, inflation, fear, pandemic, loss, death and division GOD needs Caleb’s to stand in the midst of fearful Christians and declare victory in the face of what I call a mirage of defeat. People of GOD it looks bad for some and for some it will get worse but if you are apart of this Caleb Company of prophetic people, you will live through it all and not lose anything and will never be defeated. Only those, who like Caleb, who trusted the leader in his life Moses and believe the word of GOD will prosper in this season. Those who aren’t in community will suffer major loss. Don’t forget this; in this season your prosperity will be tied to a community. GOD will not put His Amazing Grace upon renegades and vagabonds. Find your tribe because GOD is blessing community in this new season.
Dr. E 

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