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May 18, 2022 -Prophetic Word: Wait For Your Samuel

The truth of the matter is… some people won’t speak into your life until they SEE wealth & influence on you. Some people won’t connect to you until they see you have a following, or who they respect ✊🏾 calling for you.
Some of you have to be WEAK and in NEED to make some people feel superior to EMBRACE you. You have to live in their shadow and be beneath their feet to be apart of their world.
What do you do when you’re a DAVID in a culture full of SAUL’s who are intimidated that you are what’s NEXT?
You wait for your SAMUEL. There will always be ONE.
For this cause, every now and then God sends a SAMUEL who has been given a GRACE to identify what everybody else tried to fake that they couldn’t see.
Trust me you are seen but GOD has to protect the influence of your VOICE bc he’d rather you be HEARD.
That’s why MOST of you who will read this post, God is disciplining you in what he will ALLOW you to SPEAK TO.
Who am I talking to?
This is the season that God is sending REAL GENERALS to pour into you and to be a part of the process you’re in to PREPARE you for these platforms you’re about to mount. There is power in being hidden where no one knows your name. When it is YOUR time, everyone will know that you are ANOINTED by GOD.
Some of you are UNDER cover right now bc you are the NEXT heir to the THRONE. Study, stay humble and be patient.
You are about to SHAKE some KINGDOMS!

Apostle Cierra Lashaun Jones

Birthed from the spiritual lineage and legacy of the late Bishop Isaiah S. Williams of JPMCI Miami, FL she is a testament of sound biblical foundations. At the age of 6-19, she was taught sound biblical teaching. At the age of 13 Bishop Isaiah S. Williams and Dr. Gloria Y. Williams affirmed and acknowledged the anointing upon Cierra’s life giving her space and room to exercise her gifts. 


Apostle Cierra went on to serve under the leadership of Dr. N. Cindy Trimm of Kingdom Embassy in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. It was in this environment that prophetic activation was accelerated. ACLJ is now currently  under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Kirby Gant of Trailblazers Apostolic Network. She is also a spiritual daughter submitted to the counsel of General Apostle Dr. Veter Nichols.


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