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May 17, 2022 - Prophetic Word: RECALIBRATE!

There I was walking along the path praying in tongues talking to God and enjoying the sun... and then I came to a point that was blocked because of some left over stagnant water from last night's rain.
So what did I do I decided to walk off the path and go through the grass to go around.
And LO and BEHOLD my foot sinks into some MUD that I didn't notice because of the long grass! Funny thing was God was even nudging me saying don't go off the path onto the grass even if it looks dry!
I had to immediately walk all the way back home for another 15mins and wash my shoes! I walked all the way with a wet muddy feeling in my socks BLEH!🤮
What I should have done was go back a few steps and take the other path that goes the same direction I was heading but not onto the grass... instead of being persistent going along the path that I was familiar with.
Ok why I am I telling you all this...😇
See sometimes our path in life gets blocked and we have to find another way around but we don't want to take a few steps back because it seems like we are losing progress or it hurts to go backwards or we can be worried about what others may think.
But often we need to for our own sake.
I would have been able to continue walking outside and taken another path to where I was going but because I didn't take the warning as I should have my walk got spoilt and my shoes needed washing.
NOW, I know I'm talking to SOMEBODY here!
If the path that you are on right now is making your lifestyle dirty and messing up your peace. Guess what, its time to take a few steps back recalibrate regardless of onlookers and what they may say and continue to the direction you need to go or else your journey will become short lived very quickly. You will have to return home and wash your shoes or worse, get new shoes altogether...
or a new job, or a new spouse, or a new business or ministry or who knows what else - that's between you and God.
Just know its going to be ok though when you make the hard decision, it may only take approx. 2 mins longer, but it might just be a shorter path to the destination and a sustainable one!❤️
Love ya
Prophet Kurshin Joseph

Kurshin Joseph is the Founder of Heavens Entrepreneurs a Prophetic Kingdom Entrepreneur Movement that is transferring wealth to the Kingdom Community in the Digital Space. He is also the founder of Heavens Digital Academy, an online learning platform to raise Kingdom Leaders.


He Is A Digital Empire Builder & Digital Marketing Strategist that teaches Product Selling, Coaching / Consulting / Community Building and Digital Marketing Strategies For Scaling Personal Brands. His Expertise Extends to FB Ads Strategies, Funnel Building, Websites & Organic Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies.


Kurshin's main aim is to help Kingdom believers use their talents & gifts to fulfil their Kingdom assignment and create wealth and legacy on the digital space.


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