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July 26, 2022 - Prophetic Word: OCCUPY WELL without FEAR!

"God says OCCUPY!!"
I have sent you to occupy, but occupy well and be not afraid of man and their looks and curses.

Be ye holy for I am Holy. I am the Lord thou God who will sustain you in times of trouble I will hide you in my pavilion. Some will come and some will go but I have placed my Angels around you trust not in your own wisdom but lean into mine.

Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots but you shall trust in the name of the Lord.

Trust In me the one that formed you in your mothers womb. Trust In me the one that shall sustain your peace. Trust In me the keeper of your soul.

You are the apple of my eye and I will give you every good and perfect gift. Your help comes from above and I the Lord your God will be your sustainer. Frivolous traps and snares will be dismantled and fail, for when they rise up against you they are rising up against me.

Be not weary neither be afraid because I the Lord will sustain you. Strengthened your faith muscles in my word bind them about your neck and write them in your heart. Then shall you take on giants and see them fall, not by your word, but by my word shall ye win the war and have the victory.

I will give you eyes to see and sharpen your sight and hearing in the spirit I will increase your level of discernment and sensitivity in me sayeth the Lord your God for surely my promises will come to pass concerning you. Humble yourself and watch me defeat your enemy and ye shall posses the land. Be not easily moved or offended. Meditate on my word both day and night for I shall make you prosperous and give you hope, peace and joy in me and in your way because I am the Lord your God.

Prophet Anita Smith



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