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Uncategorized Jun 20, 2021
🎉🎊Happy Father’s Day 🎉🎊to the FATHER OF FATHERS whose APOSTOLIC VOICE has consistently poured into my life and family the last 17 years Apostle John Eckhardt!
In my crazy and calm seasons his voice has settled me, whether in person or afar.
One unexpected call releases care, concern and calm.
And yes, on the other hand he always picks up the phone or returns the call.
I thank God what you SEE really is what you get with you!
Your presence And prophetic words of guidance continues to make the difference.
When it appears others have forgotten, abandoned or tried to “cancel” I’m blessed to have a true Fathering APOSTOLIC VOICE who will connect the dots and provide clarity during times and seasons you least expect it!
As I’ve already told him privately & I will share publicly that he will never ever know how much his voice and acknowledgement mean.

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