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Launching your business while still working in corporate?⁉️
Or, ready to launch, but know you need the RIGHT help to make sure you maintain your lifestyle?⁉️
Look, I've been there!
When I first ventured into entrepreneurship, I was a 🎥TV news anchor/reporter working full-time and burning the midnight oil at my business partner‘s apartment after I got off work at 10:30 PM.
🎯I knew nothing about starting a business except what I had seen heard and then given supernatural insight about.
Oh and even though I had planned on quitting my job in August 2000 the station I worked for chose not to renew my contract that April.
The same week I had just been awarded the best TV news reporter in the state by the associated press.
Nevertheless , that changed the trajectory of my life.‼️
My business partner was already being paid a salary from our media firm, and it was bringing in more than 💰6-figures, 💰when I got FIRED!
But guess what … I made plenty of mistakes along the way, simply because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
My degree was in BROADCAST JOURNALISM!! ‼️
I didn’t have a MBA! ‼️
Yet, I still figured out how to profit and get the right help I needed.
✅Now, 22 years later, I’m still gainfully employed working for MYSELF!
Now more than ever in the midst of a pandemic, you need to know, even if you’re working for someone else or just kicking around that DREAM OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, you don’t have to do it BROKE!
You can be bankable! ‼️💰‼️
Join me this Thursday for a Free WEBINAR where I’m spilling the PROFIT TEA on what it really takes to position your business for at least 6 figures so you can maintain the lifestyle you have, if you’re working a nice 9 to 5.
Plus I’ve asked one of the best emerging millennial business coaches to join me and share how she’s helped her clients cross the 7 figure mark.
🎯Yep, get ready and head to to register right now.
🎯Yep, we are ready to pour out some valuable knowledge that will bless your life and business and position you for success!
See you Thursday at 4pm EST!
Oh yes, the replay will only be available for 7 days, but you have to register for access!

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